Working with Your Sixth Sense

Working with Your Sixth Sense

Intuition is part of your soul gift and it is a gift that we are all born with. This is something that many people call a gut feeling or a sixth sense. Intuition is in everyone, but some people are jut more sensitive to it and understand it more.

The purpose of our intuition is to help guide us and lead us in the right direction in our life. Have you ever been somewhere, and you felt that you shouldn’t go down that block? The reason could be that something bad is happening there and your guides are trying to help you be safe.

You could also meet people that you do not understand but that they are there to help you grow and help your life to be better.

Intuition can guide you to the right places such as a bookstore that will help you to figure out something that you need to know. Maybe you were able to guess things about someone that you never met and found out you were right.

If you get good or bad feelings where you are, this can be part of your intuition. This can happen in your health, your family or with strangers.

When you have intuition and you want to make it stronger, here are some of the suggestions you can use:

Energy Feeling

You can feel the energy of people and places by paying attention. Meditate and ask the spirit guides to help you be aware. Learn to relax and pay attention to what you are feeling. If you have blockages, this is a time to get rid of them.

Make sure that you figure out your chakras and if anything feels off. When you are aware of the energy around you then you will be sensitive to new energy and messages.


If you want to reach your higher self, you can do this through meditation. You can learn to use meditation to speak to your spirit guides.

Meditation can open up your intuition and help you to be stronger at listening to it and give you a peace in your life.

If you are not able to sit still for long, walk and meditate. Go in nature and meditate. Do whatever it takes to sit quiet and concentrate.

Signs and Symbols

You will start to pay attention to symbols and signs that you see. Maybe you will see repeating numbers such as 333 and this can mean you are changing or getting more knowledge.

You might also see things such as feathers or coins or even be able to feel things that you were not used to feeling. Write these things down and try to interpret them later.

Quiet Time

Be quiet and take a few minutes out of your day to tune into what you are feeling. Pay attention to your mental and physical self. What are your emotions telling you? What are you feeling? Pay attention to what you are thinking and what you are doing in the day.


Dreaming can help you to get messages from the spiritual world. If you wake up from a dream, write it down right away before you forget it. Pay attention to the things you are feeling and what you are hearing.

Concentrate on focusing on your dream and asking yourself questions. Find out if you had any messages come to you that you did not focus on or that you forgot.

Be thankful for your gifts and to the spirit guides for opening you up to your intuition and letting you have a strong gift.