Stopping a Psychic Attack

Stopping a Psychic Attack

When negative energy is focused on you, this is what a psychic attack is. This kind of attack doesn’t show up because of a psychic or because of evil forces but it comes from people that are in the room with you.

You can sometimes feel these attacks when someone enters a room, and you feel darkness around. This can be someone that is hostile or someone that is angry. It can hold your attention and it can cause you to feel scared or nervous.

We are often vulnerable, and it can drain your energy, but you can get fixed, and you don’t have to do this alone. You can’t just ignore the trouble though but there are things that you can do to detach from it. Dethatching means that you focus on not reacting to those that are bringing the psychic attack.

There are people that are often used to these kinds of attacks, and it is often people that are being abused in their emotions. Once you can have compassion and you can detach then you can learn to keep your energies up and to get rid of stress. Stress is what causes many people to get sick in their bodies and it can be very dangerous.

People that drain your energy are all around you and they can bring stress to your mind, body, and emotions. Stress can wear you down and drain you.

Noticing Psychic Attacks

A psychic attack can happen when you are supposed to be with someone that you love. The one that is attacking you though is really not giving you the love that you need.

Here are some things that you might do to stand against psychic attacks:

  • Stand up straight and keep your chest strong. Stand firmly and put your fists on your hips and have mental and phyiscal strength.
  • If you have to see your psychic attacker, you can wear crystals such as jasper, onyx, ebony, or smoky quartz.
  • Smile.
  • Laugh.
  • Go to another room.
  • If you have to stay when being attacked, then you need to use white or yellow light to put a shield around you.
  • Play music or sing.
  • Focus on something other than your attacker.

Are There Really Energy Stealers?

Yes. You can let people steal your energy. This often happens when people find a new love in their life. They might start into the relationship, and it be good but then they start complaining and they start focusing their attention on negative things.

If you feel tired around someone that you are dating or that you are wanting to date, notice that this can be someone that is stealing your energy. Sometimes you have to focus on what is going on and pay attention to why your energy is being stolen. See if it is worth staying in the relationship.

Understanding Energy

Energy is everything around you. There is life in energy and having your own energy is a real thing. Sometimes people are more aware of their own energy and sometimes they aren’t. Some will look at their spirit or will notice when their adrenaline increases. Energy comes from everything living and even non-living things.

Energy doesn’t mean that you are happy because energy can be good, or it can be low energy. Some people have nervous or empty energy while others are able to have the best energy level and they can make the room a happy place just by coming into a room.

How to Keep Your Energy Safe

Here are some ways to keep your energy safe:

  • Don’t be polite and let people steal your energy.
  • If you have to leave, do it.
  • Know the people that are stealing your energy and stay away from them.
  • Keep your energy raised and don’t let anyone take it.
  • Don’t argue with people.
  • If television numbs your energy, don’t watch it.
  • Don’t confuse feeling sorry for someone with love.
  • If someone is doing something that you shouldn’t tolerate, don’t.
  • You should spend time with your family with love and care.
  • Don’t do impossible things that make you feel that your energy is zapped.
  • Learn to protect your own energy and have self-respect.


  1. Understanding energy dynamics in relationships is crucial. The point about new relationships turning negative over time resonates, and the advice to reassess such situations is sound.

  2. The concept of psychic attacks is intriguing, especially the emphasis on emotional abuse as a trigger. Detaching emotionally seems like a practical advice for managing stress.

  3. The article’s approach to managing psychic attacks by focusing on detachment and self-awareness is practical. However, more scientific explanations regarding energy interactions would be beneficial.

    • While scientific validation is important, sometimes experiential knowledge is equally valuable. The strategies mentioned can be quite effective in real-world situations.

    • I agree, a deeper exploration into the science behind energy exchanges could add more validity to the arguments.

  4. The article provides useful tips on how to recognize and cope with negative energy. The suggestion to use crystals and light as shields is quite interesting, even if one might be skeptical about their effectiveness.

  5. The emphasis on self-respect and knowing one’s limits is a crucial takeaway. Protecting one’s energy through mindfulness and conscious actions is a valuable life skill.


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