Staying Safe from Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks

A psychic attack is when someone comes around you and drains you of your energy or is always spewing negativity towards you. It can be harmful to your mind, body, and soul but there are ways that you can protect yourself.

If you find that you’re around certain people and you feel drained and tired, chances are that they are giving you a psychic attack. Of course, this kind of feeling can be linked to other health issues or mental issues.

But in this article, we are talking about how drained energy can mean that you are being attacked in your psychic energy.

Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is when your spirit or your energy is being attacked. This can be a time that there is powerful energy that is negative that is surrounding you. Negative energy will lower your vibrations and can come in different forms. These attacks normally impact your subconscious or your conscious mind.

Conscious Attack

When there is magic that is being done against you, this can be a conscious attack. This is a spell that is meant to harm and can be something that is spoken, written, or wished. This can send negativity towards someone.

Conscious attacks happen when the person intentionally attacks your energy. This can cause you to have an obstacle. This can cause you harm and stop your energy from being positive.

Subconscious Attack

This kind of attack happens when someone sends negative energy your way, but they don’t do it out of hate or mean to harm you. This is their own state of being. This can happen when someone is jealous of you or when they are obsessed with you.

When a person loves you passionately, they might send attacks to you that they don’t mean to do through their negative energy. If you feel strong about something the energy can come as an attack. This can happen when someone is afraid of being left behind or their energies are low.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

You can find out if you’re being attacked or if you are a victim of a psychic attack by looking at the signs. There are signs that are mental and physical and here are some of the ones that you should notice:

  • Negative Thinking

One of the biggest signs that you’re a victim of a psychic attack is that negative thinking will come to you out of nowhere. You might be in a great mood and then all of a sudden you feel negative.

When you’re being attacked. You might go from being relaxed to feeling upset or stressed. You might feel hopeless or upset for no real reason. This can be negative vibes that are coming to you. 

Good energy makes you feel happy but negative energy can make you feel moody or sad. Keep track of these feelings depending on who you’re around.

  • Fear

Sometimes when you are around negative energy it can cause you to have fear or it can even cause you to have a phobia. The energy that comes to you can mess with your mind, body and soul and it can cause you to have fears that surface over and over again.

These are attacks that can cause even old things to come back fearfully or you might just be fearful for no reason. You may experience anxiety attacks.

  • Feeling Tired

Psychic attacks can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. They can make you feel tired without even knowing why. This is what negative energy does when you’re around it for long periods of time.

  • Headaches

Psychic attacks can cause you to have headaches because these attacks can attack you at your crown chakra or at your third eye chakra. Your body will change when psychic energy is negative and is around you and it can cause you to lose focus and to not be able to remember things. 

These kind of attacks can come and they can result in migraines. You can treat this kind of attack with meditation, but it can be harder when the headache is worse.

  • Dreams and Nightmares

Another sign can be that you have dreams or nightmares that cause you to feel scared. When someone is sending you negative energy, it can come to you in a dream. You can recognize these attacks by paying attention to your dreams. Sometimes a person might send you an evil eye which can result in these kinds of dreams.

You might wake up suddenly from these dreams and feel that someone is out to get you or that you’re being attacked.

  • Bad Luck

Having a psychic attack happen to you can cause you to have a lot of bad luck. This can be that you’re late, you get fired, your relationship is on the rocks or that you feel that your family is just cursed. You might see that these attacks are people sending you bad energy. The bad energy can make your vibrations get low and it can cause bad things to happen to you.

Other Psychic Attack Signs

  • Being anxious or paranoid.
  • Feeling sick.
  • Animals or plants dying.
  • Feeling like you are haunted.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Brain fog.
  • Visions or messages that are coming from the attacker.
  • Feeling obsessed.
  • Having bad habits form out of nowhere.
  • Increased emotions.
  • Depression.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Protecting Yourself from Psychic Attacks

Everyone can be a victim of psychic attacks, but some will experience less symptoms than others. If you find that you’re experiencing a lot of the symptoms above, you might be an empath or you might have someone that is not giving up on you and keeps attacking you.

You can block these attacks so that you can protect yourself and be healthy in your mind, body, and soul.

  • Setting Intentions

One way that you can protect yourself is to get your vibrations higher. You can do this by setting intentions and saying what you want to do. Energy can change and you can set intentions to be confident and to be empowered by your energy.

Meditate and say, “May the energy around me not harm me but bring me peace and joy.”  Everything around you is full of energy and as you set these intentions you can get rid of negative energy.

  • White Orb

Use a white orb shield to protect yourself. This is a visualization tool that you can use to be mindful. First you need to be grounded and make sure that you calm your mind. Imagine a white light surrounding you and bringing you peace.

Imagine that the symptoms that you’re experiencing going away and then as they dissolve, let them turn into dust around you and blow them away.

  • Cleansing

Cleansing yourself and the world around you can keep you safe from negativity. If you feel negative energy around you, try to smudge your area with sage. This can take out darkness and bring in light.

You can use sage if your area is full of negativity, and it can increase your vibes. You can burn out the negative energy by burning the sage. Open your windows and let the negative leave and the positive come in.

  • Crystals

There are some crystals that are very protective and can keep you safe from psychic attacks. Crystals have strong energies, and some are stronger than others. Black Tourmaline is one that will keep you safe from negative energy. Keep this close to you and wear it on your body if you’re feeling attacked.

This can protect you and give you stronger power. Black Tourmaline will take your negative energy and turn it into something positive and can keep you grounded.

You can also use crystals that are tumbled that are able to be used on a keychain or to be worn as jewelry that will help to boost your intuition and make you feel safe and secure.

  • Bathing

You can use water and take a bath to cleanse yourself. This will keep your body clean and will get rid of negative energy out of your aura. You can do this by adding crystals to your water or holding them in your hands.

Imagine that your negative energy is leaving as the water goes out of the tub and down the drain.

Final Thoughts

Psychic attacks can happen to anyone, and everyone can be a victim of a psychic attack. If you feel that you are a victim of this, you need to protect your energy and take caution to keep yourself safe. 

As you cleanse your energy and put up a shield, you will see that the negative energy will leave you and you can let the flow of positive energy fill your life.