Psychic Protection to Keep You Safe

Psychic Protection to Keep You Safe

Do you ever feel upset? Are you facing challenges or are you forced to learn life lessons that are hard? There are some psychic protections that can keep you safe from things that are negative while you are on your spiritual journey. These things can help you to reach your higher self without losing your strong vibrations.

Golden Light

There are different things that you can do to keep yourself safe from psychic attacks and one way is to imagine a golden light. You can imagine that there is a light that is covering you and protecting you.  This light can get rid of anything negative that is coming your way.

Psychic Protection

You should use psychic protection when you go anywhere. This can keep you safe from negative attacks that you might pick up at the mall or even at work. Negative things can always come into your space.

One sign that there is negative energy by you is that your mood might shift from something good to a bad mood. If you feel afraid or depressed, this can be a sign that you are picking up negative energy from somewhere.

Psychic protection can keep your aura safe and can fill you with light and with love. This can awaken your psychic senses.

Asking Michael

You can ask Michael, your angel, to help you and to keep you safe. Imagine a light flowing all around you and say, “Michael, please guide me and cleanse my space and protect my energy. This will be for the highest good.”

Let the light flow through your heart and put an orb or shield around you. This light will help to keep your mind, body, and soul safe and will keep you safe from negativity.

Golden Orbs

You can also imagine golden orbs surrounding your energy centers. This will be a shield that keeps you safe and keeps your pineal gland strong. You will be able to focus on your light and you will see that this light will grow around you.

Let the light fill your chakras and go into your throat, heart, solar plexus, root, crown, and sacral chakras, building you up and grounding you.

Ask for More Light

If you really need help, you can ask for a lighter to come to you. You can feel this light enter from the top of your head and go down to your feet. Focus on your pineal gland and your third eye and let this light fill you. Create a shield around yourself and be strong.

Focus on what your heart needs form you and let it protect your mind, body, and soul. Let the light accelerate around you and increase your vibrations. Ask your angels to come to you and to get rid of any fear or negativity out of your life and to bring you power.

Protect Me Now

You can ask your angels to protect you now and to keep your heart open. You can ask the light to fill you and tune into this light. Let your light shine and protect yourself from anything negative that comes your way.

Other Psychic Protection Ideas

Here are some other ways that you can keep your psychic protection strong:

  • Imagine a white light or a white orb of love: Let this energy get rid of things that are stuck inside of you and release them into the spiritual world. Release this negativity and practice wearing this orb each day.
  • Purple pyramid of light: This light can help you to get assistance from Metatron and can help to calm you and cleanse you, giving you more energy. Imagine that your light is a 3D light around you and that it covers you.
  • Mirror ball: Imagine a ball that is a mirror covering you. It will reflect any negativity away form you and send it back from where it came.
  • Affirmations: These can be said out loud or in your mind. These are positive things that can build you up and keep you safe. Ask Michael, your angel, to help you. Ask for only love to come to you.
  • Angels: Your angels are there to keep you safe and when you need help, ask them to come to you. You can ask them to surround you and to love you and let their energy move through you.

Why Use Psychic Protection?

There are many things that can go wrong in your life and when there is negativity, you need to be safe from it. You need to stay on the path of love, and this can happen as long as you are safe. When negativity comes along, it can seep into you, and this is a psychic attack.

There is no need to be afraid of a psychic attack and you can see that these things can cause you to have fear, loss of control, doubt and more but if you fight against it then you can have a higher vibration, and this will keep you safe.

Use this when you are on your spiritual path because this will be your self-defense. Negativity will find the smallest hole in your aura to attack and when this happens its influence can be detrimental to your health.

Drugs and alcohol can cause negativity to enter into you and if you are doing these things, you will need to add an extra shield of protecting to your life.

Psychic attack protection doesn’t mean that you need to be protected from humans, even though this is possible, but it means that you need to be protected from spiritual beings. They can attack you by bringing negativity to you. When you get your vibrations high though, you will see that your energies will increase and the changes that you make will bring you peace and comfort.

If you are dealing with past hurts, let these things go from you and focus on your challenges and how you are going to beat them. Respond to these things with love and compassion for yourself and others and make sure that you protect yourself.

Any negative things that come to you on the inside or the outside can be triggered to hurt you and can come in the form of nightmares or other ways. This can cause your emotions to be out of control and cause you to miss out on your purpose.

When you respond to these things, notice that you can keep your heart chakra strong, and you can have love that you need for yourself so that you can move on towards your journey.

Releasing Negativity

Release any negativity that can come to you and let the light flow through you. Protect yourself from negativity and make sure that you are living your best life with the most protection possible.