The Basic Signs of African Astrology

African Astrology

Ancient astrology often has African meanings because it is very diverse and there are hundreds of tribes that have different language systems that helped to form astrology.

This started when people were interested in astrology and then they added their spiritual thoughts and cultural feelings to astrology. This was developed in western Africa.

African Astrology

African astrology is known as Geomancy because there were bones that were thrown on a flat surface and then the doctor read the angles and lines that made a 12-point system that worked with the 12 zodiac signs of Africa.

There are dates and images that work with this kind of astrology and even though the signs look similar, they are different and work with the elements of air, water, earth and fire.

There are days of the week that work with each sign as well as certain months that makes the energies stronger.

12 Signs of African Astrology

There are 12 different signs that work with this kind of astrology including:

Baobab Tree

This is from January 4 to February 3rd. Those with this sign are thoughtful and they have realistic expectations. They are persistent in what they do, and they reach for opportunities.

This sign works with the air element and January and May are the lucky months along with Thursdays. This works to make the gallbladder and liver strong.

Amber and Silver Wealth

This is from February 4th to March 5th. Those with this sign are able to have money and to reach wealth. They reach their inner self and are very smart. They want to feel alive and are giving and loving to others.

These successful people work with the air element and their lucky day is Wednesday.


This sign is from March 6th to April 4th. These people love history, and they work hard for their people. They don’t like people that lie, and they are very wise. They want to take care of their people and their community.

They love the months of July and March, and Tuesday is their lucky day. This works with the earth element.

Services to the Neighborhood

This sign works from April 5th to May 4th. These are people that will rely on those that care for them, and they become weak when they go far. They love each other by showing services to their neighbors.

They have sensitive ears, and they love the months of August and April, and their lucky day is Saturday. This works with the earth element.


The market sign is from May 5th to June 4th. These are people that are inspired by nature. They are successful and they love energy. They keep their inner being centered and this keeps them happy.

This sign is associated with touching and their day is Sunday. They love the month of September and May, and they work with the fire element because they are so intense.


The ancestor sign works from June 5th to July 4th. This is those that get involved with people through their ancestor spirits. They want to guide and govern people and they are tolerant of what others dream.

They love Monday and their months are October and June. This is part of the water element.


The judge sign works from July 5th to August 4th. These are people that are strong and can do anything. They do what they can to make others better. They are very serious and not childish at all, and they like to be alone.

They love the months of November and July, and they are part of the fire element. Their lucky day is Tuesday.

Kola Nut

The kola nut sign is from August 5th to September 3rd. These are people that love to have joy and they are often imbalanced. They are vulnerable to their feelings, and they bring people that are powerful into their lives. Timid people are normally afraid of them.

They are part of the earth element, and their lucky day is Wednesday. They love December and August and have very strong sexual organs.


The traveler sign is from September 4th to October 3rd. This sign is someone that is hopeful but often sad about things in life. They want to go places and they love to travel. They want to meet their ancestors when they go places, and they are sensitive to the spirit world. They are often misunderstood, and they love nature.

They love January and September, and their best body parts are their joints and their feet. They work with the air element and their lucky day is Thursday.


Those with the distance sign is from October 4th to November 3rd. These are people that are passionate in their heart. They love the earth, and they are very creative. They don’t like routines and they are often impatient. They love others with all their heart and will do anything for someone they love.

Their lucky day is Friday, and they find the months of October and February to be very good for them. They work with the water element and the heart is their best organ.

Child of the Word

The child of the word sign works from November 4th to December 3rd. These people are strong and inspiring. They work hard to speak for others, and they are the leader of their group. They want the world to be full of energy and they are often chemists. They think the world looks amazing.

They live a good life, and they are comfortable, and they usually find love. They are very loyal, and kind and they work with the fire element. Their best day is Saturday, and they love the months of November and March.

Harvest and Granary

The harvest and granary signs are form December 4th to January 3rd. These people are able to make things work for them. They know how to save and know how to have what they need. They are very true to who they are, and they work hard to get it.

These people calm other people down and most of the time they are very trusted. Their element is water and Tuesday is their lucky day. Their favorite months are April and December, and their bones and skin are their best organs.


You can take time to meditate on the African astrology and find out how it can give you insight and knowledge. Learn to be yourself and enjoy how complex life can be but how impactful it can make you.