High Vibrations of Earth Angels

High Vibrations of Earth Angels

Earth angels are people that have a deep spiritual understanding, and they have high vibrational frequencies. They are people that are often starseeds, blue rays, lightworkers, indigos and more. They come to the world so that they can help to improve life and improve humanity. There are ways that you can know if you are an earth angel or not.

An earth angel is one that comes from the 7th or 9th dimension which is a place where it is always lit. This is a shining place where earth angels have incarnated from. Being an earth angle can mean that you are here to help others and when you feel that you have a higher calling, you might be an earth angel.

Overly Sensitive

Earth angels are often very sensitive. They sometimes work a regular job but while they are here, they feel a huge weight on their shoulders for the world around them. They want to save the planet and they take on the pain that people and the world shows. They will be tired, and they get frustrated. When they are around places that are overly loud, they are too sensitive and won’t enjoy being there. They are people full of peace and without negativity.


Earth angels have strong compassion. They are deep and often suffer. They will stop everything to get rid of the pain that they are feeling, and they will do what they can to be more positive.

Being Alone

Most earth angels like to have alone time. They will remove themselves from others so that they can be away from negativity. They will often need to have alone time so that they can recharge and so that they can be stronger. Meditation will help with this.


Earth angels have strong intuition, and they can boost this gift that they have by listening to themselves more. They can connect with others, and they will do this through music and through creativity.

Finding Your Purpose

People that are earth angels follow rules of the land, but they don’t always feel that the laws apply to them. They want to work a job but not a normal job and they often want to do other work like being a counselor or doing therapy. They often choose jobs where they can work their own hours and be independent.

Getting Rid of Norms

Earth angels don’t like to follow the norms. They hate things like war, and they don’t understand when people commit crimes or hurt others. They know that these things are hurtful to society, and they will reject these things. They want to get rid of the things that are negative that are considered normal.

Final Thoughts

Earth angels are great people that spend time thinking about how they can make the world a better place. They will go out in nature, and they will do things that make them feel alive and that make them feel good. They will give up all the material things that they have to make the world a better place.

Earth angels will go through hard times, just like everyone else, but the difference is that they focus more on their purpose. They will bring light to the world around them.


  1. The article’s portrayal of earth angels as beings who reject negativity and strive for peace touches on a universal longing for a more harmonious world. It makes me reflect on how we can all contribute to such a vision.

  2. The idea that earth angels often choose careers that allow them to be independent and help others suggests a deep-seated need for purpose and freedom. This resonates with the broader human desire for meaningful work.

  3. The notion that earth angels dislike societal norms and prefer solitary activities to recharge is a compelling thought. It provides an alternative perspective on why some people might feel out of place in conventional settings.

  4. I find the traits attributed to earth angels, such as heightened sensitivity and strong intuition, to be very interesting. It makes me wonder if these characteristics are something we can nurture in ourselves.

  5. The concept of earth angels is quite intriguing, especially the idea that they come from higher dimensions to aid humanity. It raises questions about the nature of spirituality and our connection to the universe.


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