Advice from Psychics and Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

Have you been noticing animals around you lately, maybe you keep seeing them at the store or you keep seeing them on television? This can be as simple as always seeing a stuffed elephant or every time you turn on the television there are elephants on the tube.

When this happens, you might wonder where this is coming from. Maybe you have had the same spirit animal since you were a child, and you weren’t sure that you would ever really understand what was going on or where this love of that particular animal came from. You might find that this is an animal that can help you by coming to you in your dreams or helping you when you lack creativity.

Understanding Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are also called totems and they have been around for as long as people remember. They have been there since the world was formed and this is because they were part of the spiritual world and part of mythology.

The funny thing about spirit animals is that they work with your spirit guides and are actually a spirit guide to protect you and guide you through life. Some children will have animals as imaginary friends that are there to help them. Some people will find that their own pet was their spirit animal, or they will see animals that come around in the wild.

When animals come around often and keep showing up, most likely they have a special message that they need to give you, or they are there to help you through something hard.

You might be someone that goes on adventures and goes into nature a lot. When you have problems though, maybe you see that the same animal shows up in your adventures. Or if you are someone that asks for signs, you might find that your spirit animal will come to you either in a dream or even in real life.  You can ask them to come to you and they will.


You can meditate and your spirit guides can have your attention. They will contact you when you ask them to come to you and spirit animals are the same. They will come to you as you meditate on them and ask them to come to you.

Take time each day to sit in a comfortable position and find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Pay attention to the things around you and take time to meditate and be calm. Then, imagine that you see a bridge and you know that when you go over the bridge, you will be in the place where your spiritual animal lives. Go over this bridge and feel a peace and trust that you aren’t used to. This is where your guides want to meet you.

After you cross the bridge, notice the things around you. Notice how you walk and what your spirit animal is doing. Notice all of the details. Talk to them and greet them. Make sure that you ask anything that you have to ask at this time.

The messages that you get will be powerful and they will be there to help you to understand what is going on in your life. Ask them to always be there to speak to you and then when you are done talking to them, tell them goodbye and go back to the same bridge that you crossed to get there and cross it to go home.

How Can Your Guides Help?

Your spirit animals can help you in many ways. They can help you if you are confused and if you need clarity in things. They will show up when you meditate, and they will show up when you ask them to.

Sometimes you might have a spirit animal that is a pet that had died. You might miss them. When you do, ask them to show up and to come to you and love seeing them. Greet them and allow them to communicate with you.

Pay attention to what this animal is telling you and notice how it is changing your life. Let your animal guide you and remind you that you are creative and that you are good. Don’t feel upset about life and if you do, let your spirit animal bring you comfort.

When you are around your spirit animal, you need to understand that they will be subtle and fun and that you need to use your intuition to know that they are there. Make sure that you tune into the animal, and you see how it plays a role in the life that you are living.

Finding Your Spirit Animal

You can be tuned into the animals around you and you can figure out what your spirit animal is by asking. Ask the spiritual world to show you who your spirit animal is and pay attention to your dreams and what you see. Once you find that an animal keeps showing up, connect with them.

This is probably your spiritual guide, and you will feel a peace like none other when they are around you.