How to Ground, Center and Shield Yourself

Shield Yourself

There are different practices of centering, grounding, and shielding. These things can help you and you need to learn how to do them before you ever start doing any kind of magic. Centering is a way that you can keep your energy work strong and this is part of magic. Grounding helps you to get rid of energy that comes to you when you do rituals. Shielding is a way that you can protect yourself in your mind, body, and soul from a spiritual attack.

Centering Techniques

Centering is the start of energy work and if you are going to do magic then you need to learn how to do this. You need to center yourself and you can do this when you meditate. You can center yourself easier when meditation changes your energy to make you calm.

Remember that magic is part of centering, and it is easy to do. It can help you to look at things differently. Find a place where you can be at peace and not be distracted. Don’t take your phone with you and leave your telephone off. You should try to be in a sitting position and not lay down because you might fall asleep.

Once you get comfortable, take a deep breath, and pay attention to your breath work. Do this to relax and regulate your breathing. You can say things like “om” as you breathe.

After you breath and your breaths are even, imagine the energy around you. Rub your hands together and get your palms warm. Move them about an inch away from each other and see if you feel a tingling or a sensation. If you don’t, try again until you do.

When the energy comes to you easily, you can focus on feeling the energy in your whole body. Some people will rub their hands together and then try to pull their hands apart. This can strengthen your energy. Learn to visualize the energy expanding your body and then think of a ball. Imagine tossing it back and forth and your body drawing the ball back to you. This is energy and it is part of your aura.

As you center yourself, repeat this and make sure that your reading is strong and in control. Be in control of your energy and center your body and your solar plexus and heart chakra. Once you do this, it will become easy for you. You can learn to center yourself no matter where you are. You can do this in your car, in your home or wherever you are.

Grounding Techniques

Grounding is a way that you can get rid of nervousness or jittery feelings. You can do this no matter what time it is or when you need to have mental clarity. Do this early in the morning or at night. Before you ever do magic or a ritual, you need to make sure that you are grounded.

If you have strong energy, you can increase it even more by grounding yourself. This will make your energy strong, and your body will get rid of any energy that is stored up that is negative. It will help you to feel normal.

Grounding is easy and you can manipulate the energy. Instead of getting energy inside of you though, get the energy to leave. Push it out. Focus and close your eyes and imagine yourself pushing the energy into the ground, into a tree, in water or somewhere that can absorb it.

Some people will push their energy to the air to get rid of it. You can see that when you do this that your energy will leave that you no longer need, and it will help you to feel grounded. You can focus on this energy and then shake it out. If you need to feel something that you can actually touch, try these things:

  • Keep a crystal in your pocket and let the stone take over the excessive energy.
  • Use a plant of soil outside the door and put the excess energy into the soil.
  • Try to find a grounding trigger by saying something like, “it’s gone.”

Shielding Techniques

Once you spend time in the world around you, you will see that shielding is super important. You need to protect yourself from magic, psychic, mental or phyiscal attacks. When you shield, you create a barrier to protect yourself from people or things.

Energy exercises can help you to center, ground and to be strong. Let your energy exercises shield you and protect you. Focus on the energy inside of you and let the shield go over your whole body. Let it even go past the body to make sure that you are in a bubble.

Those that can read auras will be able to shield other people and themselves. You can hear people tell you how big your aura is, and this is because people can shield themselves and others and it makes the aura strong.

When you start making your energy shield, you need to imagine what is around you. Imagine it reflecting and protecting you from negative things. It can also get rid of the negative energy that is sent to you and send it back to that person. This is a way that you are protected and kept safe from bad things but good things like the sun can come to you.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone that is affected by the thoughts and emotions of others and you feel tired or drained, you need to make sure that you use these different techniques to keep you safe and strong.