Avoiding Psychic Scams

Avoiding Psychic Scams

The internet has made it much easier to scam others and this has seeped into the physic services realm through fake psychics and less than accurate websites. The sheer number of sites available make it easy to get lost in options and choose poorly. To avoid falling into a scam, consider the following to make accurate choices when searching for psychics online.


Reputation really does matter, so any services that are supported by well-known organizations that has a solid base in technology and strong customer service is a great place to start. If the site does not offer one or more of these things, especially customer service representatives, then it is a red flag and another site may be a better option.

Even the website design itself can be a signal to reliability.  Check out the advice they have to offer and the types of reading and methods promoted or used. A listing of psychics with reviews and rankings should be present somewhere with a great deal of detail and organization. If the website looks promising, has all the needed information, and seems legit then it likely is, but look for the signs.

Spotting Fake Psychics

Once you have identified a website that seems legit, you have to choose a psychic to give a reading. To decide whether the reading will be worthwhile, you need to dig a bit deeper into the information. Look at the details given about the psychic to determine whether it seems to good to be true because if it sounds that way, it likely is. The same holds true if the information given is too general and could apply to any psychic. Look for specifics about their training and a real picture, not just an avatar or a stock photo. A real psychic will not fear their image online.

Look for reviews by customers, both good and bad that appear unedited. No psychic will be right 100% of the time and this should be reflected in the reviews. While exaggeration is not a good thing, expect clients to expand the truth a bit, especially when it is bad. A reviewer is more likely to complain than to add positive ratings for any service, so keep that in mind.

Reading the Person

A false psychic will be very well versed in reading faces, speech patterns, and body language. They will be able to pick up on nonverbal and verbal clues that we may not realize we are sending. To avoid this, consider using an anonymous chat for a reading to assess accuracy. When this option is chosen, the psychic cannot see or hear you so they must rely on psychic abilities and intuition to complete the reading.

If anonymous chat is not an option, ask for chat with a transcript so you can review after the reading. This way you can look for clues that the psychic may have used to fake a reading. Those who are false psychics will not encourage the viewing of transcripts.

If you are meeting face to face, you need to prepare a bit more to not give anything away. Wear plain clothing to hide socioeconomic status and try to share nothing of importance before the reading. A bit of small talk is fine, but not too much. If you find the psychic is asking lots of questions, then they are trying to glean information to use, this should not be necessary for true psychics. They are there to answer questions, not ask.

Further Things to Look For

What has been shared is a starting point, but there are a few more things to look for to assess the reliability of a psychic. Start with how many years they have been in practice because those with a long track record are likely more reliable. Watch prices because those that charge a bit more are often the most reliable. You get what you pay for, so do not try to negotiate. If they are willing to negotiate, then they are likely in it just for some quick cash. However, if you are new to a service and a few free minutes are offered, then take them. This is a time to chat without commitment and make an assessment based on what you hear. When completely uncertain, ask customer service to make a recommendation based on what you want to know and your general interests. They will know all the psychics and be able to help.

Most of all, follow your instincts. If you have that gut feeling that something is not legit, walk away. You can rely on your intuition just as the psychic does to make the right decision.