Understanding Marital Affairs

Marital Affairs

One type of affair that people have is one that seems to sneak in before they realize that they have feelings for a person other than their spouse.

Most married people don’t want to see their spouse have an affair on them, but affairs happen to a lot of people. Here are some of the reasons people have affairs:

  • They don’t feel their needs are being met.
  • The feel loved.
  • They feel like giving up.
  • Work is more important than the relationship.
  • Kids are more important than the relationship.
  • There is no communication.
  • There is no affection.
  • Sex wasn’t measuring up.

When these things come up, chances are that before the affair starts, he or her will start talking to someone else at work or someone that lives close to them, and they will talk about how their relationship seems to be failing. This will cause a bond to be formed between the two and this will cause boundaries to be crossed which causes the affair to happen.

Work Affair

Most of the affairs that happen will happen at work. This can happen because people have to spend so many hours each day at work. They form bonds with people that they meet, and they have open communication about their family, friends, and other things. This causes there to be an attachment that becomes first emotional and then can turn into something more.

Work is the most known place that affairs seem to start.

Emotional Affairs Versus Physical Affairs

An emotional affair can be more devastating than a physical affair. When you start flirting at work and then it turns into texting and then talking, there begins to be personal things that are said and shared and this causes there to be a bond.

Then, since no one is touching each other or sleeping together, there is technically no cheating but the cheating in the intimacy connection is still there. When this happens, chances are that a physical affair can follow.

Social Media and Affairs

Social media has made it easier for people to have affairs. Everyone has full access to those that are online and when someone starts checking on people that they used to know or people that they used to crush on, this can bring back memories. This can be dangerous, and it can lead people to go further than checking and starting to chat.

Then, the person might start texting each other and then might even meet up. Some people will even have sexual talk through chats.

Most Marriages End After Infidelity

An affair is one of the biggest reasons that people break up. They feel that an affair is an end game to the relationship, and they make this a reason to end their marriage. More than half of the marriages that end happen because of cheating.

Final Thoughts

There is hope for couples that have dealt with infidelity. You need to try and find a therapist or a counselor that can help you and your partner to work through the feelings that come after an affair. If you catch the relationship before the affair happens, the therapist can help to fix things before it is too late.