When Your Dead Loved Ones Want to Contact You

Dead Loved Ones Want to Contact You

There are signs that your loved one might be trying to contact you from the other side and if you are thinking that you have heard from your loved one, here are some ways they can show themselves:


Spirits sometimes will lay dimes in different places so that they can get your attention. This is a message to give you courage and to offer you value to your life. If you find a coin such as a dime or a penny laying around in your house, it can be hard to tell if it is the spirit world or if it is just your change.

When you have coins that come consistently to you, learn to pay attention. Do you find a nickel and dime together often or a dime and a penny? Look at the date and see if it has a meaning to you.


Animals are able to know when a spirit is around because they are very sensitive. If an animal in your house watches something and growls or whimpers, chances are it is seeing a spirit. It might also act strange like run in circles or get really excited for no reason.

Some animals behave this way but if you have an animal and this is weird behavior for it, it might be seeing a spirit.


Have you ever been in a room and you noticed a strange odor in the air? This could be your loved one sending you a sign such as their scent so that you know that they are close to you. This could be the smell of cigarettes or their perfume.


Do you walk into a room and the lightbulbs blow? This is an easy way for the spirits to communicate with you. They can also flicker the lights, turn the tv on and off and move through your house turning on radios and other electronics. This is a way of them saying hi to you.


Do you have children that say things that are strange for a child? Do you have children that live in the present, but they seem so much older? This could be because they are intuitive, and they are in tune with their own spirit world.

Let them talk to you and listen to what they say.


Your loved one might want to give you a sign through music. Maybe there is a song that you and your loved one listened to all the time. When you hear this out of nowhere, it can be a sign from your departed loved one.


Dreams are one of the best ways that the spirit world can communicate with you. This is a time where your mind is relaxed, and your intuition is strong. If you have a dream of your loved one, write it down so that you can remember it and see what message they are giving you.


Your loved ones might send you a sign on billboards. This could be an ad that you drive by everyday or on a stop sign. If you look around and see a message that is significant to you, it could be your guide showing you.

Sky Formations

Looking at clouds can be a way to get signs that you are connected to your departed loved one. You might also see a rainbow when you are sad, and they can remind you that you aren’t alone.


Always have intentions on seeing signs from your departed loved ones. Do not dismiss signs or act like they do not happen. Focus on what your loved one is trying to tell you.