Ways to Ensure You Visit a “Real” Psychic

Ways to Ensure You Visit a “Real” Psychic

It seems like fraudulent psychics are everywhere.  You have pressing questions and intuitively know you need spiritual advice to help you navigate tricky waters.  But how can you trust the “psychic” you find via an online search is “real” and looking to help you instead of fleece you?

Credible psychics seek to use their gift to transmit accurate and relevant messages on key questions for their clients.  Often these messages pertain to aspects that go beyond the conscious abilities like knowing specifics details of a deceased individual or something pertinent from one’s past.  Phony psychics are only capable of making general claims like “It seems like you recently suffered a major loss,” knowing that a typically people visit mediums to make sense of transitional times.

Readings like this are known as “cold readings” and are used to mine information to make a reading more relatable.  Honest psychic also might use cold readings.  However, in these cases the initial message like “I see someone who recently passed away suddenly” will contain key information that only that spirit would have known like “they passed away in a car crash due driving while having an eye ailment undisclosed to the family.  This individual always carried a talisman of St. Christopher in when they left the house, but on the day they passed the talisman fell out of their pocket.”

Sham psychics will speak in a manner to create excitement for a potential client.  As a person becomes excited by the prospect of a message, they, not the “psychic” fill in vital gaps of information.  Sometimes a phony will use a slow cadence to bide their time to get “confirmation.”  While other times, especially in larger public sessions a phony will speak in a more rapid-fire pace to throw out more information in the hopes that something will “stick.” For example, in a group read a deceitful medium will ask who in the audience recently ended a relationship with a person whose first name began with a F, in the hopes someone will jump up and identify themself.  When they zero in a person the swindler will pay close attention to responses in the form of words, utterances or body language.  They will then use this feedback to adjust what they are being “told.”

For example, this person that recently broke up with an F name, might jump up suddenly and gasp “Frank!”

The pseudo psychic will then response with “Ah yes, I’m being told that Frank ended things with you suddenly, am I right?” and will pause to see what else is “coming through,” but is really watching the client’s body language for sign of distress. If the client shows signs of stress, they might state something like “You have spirits and angels surrounding you to provide you comfort.  They want you to know that you will find true love when you are ready to receive it.”  If they are met with a flat affect then the fraud will try a different angle to mind for “results.”

Fraudulent psychics will also frequently ask for cash up front, to remove curses or black magick.  This is especially devious for people who feel burdened by endless bouts of bad luck and are desperate for a way to facilitate more blessings into their life.  These people are vulnerable and are quick to be open to manipulative suggestions in order for the opportunity at an easier life.

Credible psychics see their talents as a calling to help people through trying times.  Because they place such importance on their skills, they will go out of their way to ensure their client feels comfortable and has a productive session.  The goal of a real psychic is to provide a helpful service and try to solicit positive public feedback to grow their business and the esoteric community.  These psychics will be upfront with their pricing, timeline and expectations for a reading.  They will be quick to answer any question prior to, during or even after a reading.  Talented mediums want a client to be an active participant during a reading and seek to teach the client how to gain more mastery over their own life in order to advance their soul’s journey towards enlightenment.  These psychics know the true secret to a successful reading is ensuring a happy and satisfied customer so that these people are eager to return to them in the future for additional guidance and perhaps share their powerful experience with their loved ones.