The World of Chakras, Curses, and the Evil Eye

The World of Chakras, Curses, and the Evil Eye

The World of Chakras, Curses, and the Evil EyeMany people go about their day unaware of exactly what their aura is doing. But you need to consider the strength and health of your aura as a way to protect yourself from curses. Much like openings in the body allow germs to enter and cause damage to our internal organs, any holes in our aura can allow a curse to come in.

What is a Chakra?

Chakras can be considered gatherings of energy within ourselves. With these gatherings, we can actually transfer our own energy between various dimensions. Everybody is born with the same chakras. There is the root chakra that centers all of our energy, and there are 14 other total chakras-7 below the root and 7 above. All 15 chakras, if out of place or damaged, are a potential opening for curses to enter through.

Chakra Damage

Any sort of troubling or tragic experience in your life, from a death in the family to financial trouble or anything that causes stress, can cause damage to a specific chakra. When these chakras are damaged, they simply shift out of alignment and create a hole in the regular pattern and defenses of your aura or energy field. With this hole now opened, curses and negative energy can easily enter in that area of your life. That’s why it’s very important for you to deal with stresses and traumas properly so that your aura can be aligned once again.

Opening the Door

If there is any way that curses can enter through the aura, this is a serious risk to physical and emotional health. Your aura is your weakest point: it’s the entryway for any sort of negative forces to enter your life and body. Typically, if your aura is aligned, then any sort of curses directed your way can be defended and won’t cause any permanent damage. However, if your defenses are down, assaults on your person from black magic or psychic curses could cause serious harm.

Family Curses

Curses that are passed down through the generations are often labeled as family curses or ancestral curses, and the bad part is that you have no control over these. If your great grandfather had a misaligned aura, then you’d end up becoming cursed as they were (ancestral curses typically last about 6 generations).

You can think of an ancestral curse like a funnel. From the outside, your aura may be impenetrable. However, the top of the funnel is the generations above you, so if there were any openings in their aura, then a family curse can flow downwards into your energy sphere.


If you think that curses cannot affect you because you don’t believe in them, you need to take a hard look at what you do believe in. For instance, if you believe in the power of prayer, then you can’t deny the power of the opposite forms of curses and malicious intent. If someone has enough talent and directs this negative spiritual energy towards you, then you may not be able to defend against a hole in your aura.

The Power of Bad Intentions

The modern world has developed a disregard for the power of spirituality that is creating a lot of self-imposed risk. With more people neglecting the powers of energy forces and chakras, it leaves those who do believe with free reign to inflict their will on the non-believers. It is often those who have less physical strength or financial power in this modern world that may resort to using spiritual energy to cause harm on their enemies. With every person having the ability to create their own reality, you really don’t have any say as to what they believe, or what kind of bad intentions they may be directing your way.

Protecting Yourself

In spite of the danger, there are certain ways to protect your chakras and place auras back in alignment quickly. The Fox Talisman is one of the most powerful tools that spiritualists use to protect against dark spirits and curses. The crystals that compose the Fox Talisman were blessed by Buddhist monks, and they protect a wide array of your chakras.

Throat Chakra

There are secret portals into the aura that are referred to as the Granthi. One of these is in the rear of the throat, along the top of the spine. The Knot of Shiva, as it’s referred to, is the entry way for all of the worst kinds of spirits like the incubus and the succubus. With the Fox Talisman’s protection, you can ward off these spirits, but keep in mind that cell phone activity near the area can weaken the defense surrounding the Knot of Shiva. Wear the talisman as a necklace to protect this area. If you suffer from TMJ, then the talisman can also provide relief if worn overnight.

Sexual Chakra

The Fox Talisman can also protect against sexual vulnerabilities in your chakra. These could arise from any sort of sexual organ issues, impotence, menstruation issues, abuse, and other sexual problems. These create large openings for some of the darkest and most damaging spirits to enter through. You can use the talisman to protect this area by fastening it on your front and back, below the belly button area.

Electro Stress

When you are exposed to too much electromagnetic radiation, your aura begins to weaken over time, making a misalignment more likely. The talisman can be a very effective way to reinforce the aura and defend against stress inducing conditions like addictions, depression, anger, rage, and anxiety.


  1. The idea of family curses passing down through generations is quite fascinating. It provides an interesting perspective on inherited traits and challenges. Even though I don’t fully subscribe to this belief, it’s thought-provoking to consider the spiritual implications of familial connections.

  2. The concept of auras and chakras as protective boundaries is intriguing. It’s a reminder of how interconnected our physical and spiritual well-being can be. Maintaining alignment to prevent negative energy from affecting us seems like a prudent practice.

  3. The explanation of specific chakras and their vulnerabilities, like the throat and sexual chakras, along with potential remedies, offers a holistic view of maintaining spiritual health. It’s an interesting study in how physical ailments could be linked to spiritual misalignments.

  4. The article presents an interesting take on how modern neglect of spiritual practices could leave individuals vulnerable. It’s a viewpoint worth considering, especially for those who find value in spiritual well-being. Balancing modern lifestyle with spiritual awareness might be beneficial.

  5. The mention of the Fox Talisman as a protective measure against negative spiritual forces adds a practical dimension to the topic. Whether or not one believes in its efficacy, it’s a useful representation of how physical objects can symbolize and reinforce spiritual practices.


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