Should A Psychic Reading Be Free?


   Should a psychic ask for payment? What about mediums.. Should they charge money? Should a psychic get paid at all? These questions are often levied at clairvoyants as if, for some odd reason, it is wrong to charge. I find these questions about psychics making money from psychic readings ridiculous. You may as well say: Why should a doctor charge to heal the sick, a surgeon charge to save a life or a solicitor charge to save an man from the electric chair? Similarly, what right has anyone with a God-given gift the right to charge for their talent? Artists should certainly not charge for their inspiration, neither should musicians or actors and actresses. These are gifts from God so should be given freely. And I’ve never seen a poor vicar – some of the vicarages are the most prestigious private houses in England!

Others accuse us of living like parasites off the bereaved. Apparently we all make huge amounts of money. This is a myth. Most psychics and mediums scratch a living. If a psychic is to charge say £50 – for a reading some people consider this excessive. They do not realise that a genuine medium cannot do one reading after another day in day out. This type of work – if done properly – is utterly exhausting. A medium also has to sit in meditation before a reading to prepare themselves and afterwards time is spent ‘closing down’. The reality is that the fee paid for an hour has to include the time making the arrangements, sending a confirmation, spiritual preparation, the reading itself and winding down afterwards. I would find it difficult to do two mediumistic consultations a day five days a week. Fortunately most on my income now comes from my books.

Should psychics make money? Vs Charitable Work

Small-minded, finger waving moralists claim it is wrong to charge. Yet do they give all their work for free? I gave up a very lucrative career as a MD for my Advertising Agency to do this work. It’s not a big deal as it was my choice – but I wonder if the critics would be ready to make similar financial sacrifices to follow a spiritual calling. I had two top of the range cars, a large staff and an enviable client list that included many blue chip organisations such as Esso and British Airways on my client list as well as banks and insurance companies.

If I wasn’t charging for my services now, I would probably still be doing the occasional reading as a hobby. Most of my time would be spent making a fortune in advertising or relaxing on my yacht. This website certainly would not be here and the many thousands of pounds we’ve also raised and given personally to charities would also not have happened.

Should psychics and mediums charge at all? Vs Free Readings

Wanting to be seen as a caring person is well and good but it can be taken too far when you fall victim to every request for yet another free reading. All of us psychics and mediums give a little for free but in most instances people can afford to pay. I continue to serve Spiritualist Churches for free and Jane helps strangers for nothing once, on the telephone, for two hours on Christmas morning while our child waited to open her presents! Giving for free is our personal choice – not a moral obligation.

Spiritualism for Free?

Some say that the early Spiritualist did not take a fee but what is less often quoted is that most were given donations by sponsors. For example the great medium Daniel Home wouldn’t take a fee but nonetheless enjoyed the benefits of being a house guest in high society.

Very few people can afford to work for nothing.


  1. The argument against offering free readings to everyone is sound. It’s impractical to expect people to work for nothing, no matter the profession.

  2. Comparing psychics to doctors, artists, and other professionals makes an interesting point. If they provide a service that people value, charging seems reasonable.

    • Indeed, the analogy helps rationalize the concept of charging for their time and effort. All professions have their value.

  3. The article highlights the preparation and recovery time involved in psychic readings. This perspective may shed light on why some find the fees justifiable.

  4. The point about early Spiritualist mediums receiving donations is interesting. It shows even historical figures found ways to sustain themselves financially.

    • Yes, it’s a valid observation. Financial backing has always played a role in allowing people to pursue spiritual callings.

  5. The author’s personal sacrifices add weight to the argument that psychics should be compensated. It’s a reminder that spiritual work, too, has value.


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