Scientifically Investigate Your Spiritual Awakening

Scientifically Investigate Your Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakenings are intensive self-growth process that enable us to become healthier, happier, more successful, and balanced beings.  There are four key stages that help you reach your full potential during this profound time.  Using this simple process, we are able to harness the laws of physics, going beyond the law of attraction, and embrace the theories from Reality Transurfing.  Applying this method, you will align with the universe and manifest your deepest goals, rather than chasing a dream.

Step One:  Embrace your inner scientist during your awakening.  See this journey as an experiment.  Measure the various aspects of our life.  Observe the relationship with your mind, body, breath and spirit.

Step Two:  Consider learning about energy as a lab experiment.  In particular, investigate how energy works with Nature.  Notice how energy works in positive and negatives ways within and around you.

Step Three:  Honor your focus and attention.  Work with how your focus, attention and awareness impacts your life.  See its importance, and how you can more deeply grow your connections to each facet.

Step Four:  You are an alchemist!  Learn how simple tools create powerful manifestation in healing within and around you.  Growth in your personal and professional life is possible and is greater community empowerment.  Change starts with you!  Then return to measurements you took on Day One, and take further measurements to see the improvements in each of the four areas of your life.

This framework is essential for structured and measurable growth.  Often, many will report a fleeting awakening.  Desires were achieved for a short time, and then suddenly one becomes distracted, manipulate or out of sync.  This then causes exhaustion, frustrations, and confusion.  With the right mindset, you can harness your awakening to last significantly longer.  By applying energy to your advantage, you will find lasting improvement in each of the four facets of your life- body, mind, breath, and Spirit.  When you honor your awakening, you can grow exponentially and your connection with the Earth and Universe will blossom.

How to honor your awakening

Embrace this change that is happening within you.  Through this process of healing and growing you can be forever transformed.  Tap into your healing alchemist to improve your life and the communities around you.  By applying this framework of laws of physics, go beyond the law of attractions, and embrace Reality Transfuring you can be a catalyst of change this world desperately needs.  You can become healthier, happier, more successful, and balanced.  You can be viewed as an inspiration for others to embrace their own awakening and be instruments of love, hope, and light.