Are you being attacked by a Psychic?

Are you being attacked, psychically?

Do you have trouble sleeping, even if you are exhausted? Do you find yourself getting sick over and over again? Maybe you just don’t feel right and can’t figure out why:

What’s happening

You may think that your are depressed and that may be what you are hearing from a psychologist. Your energy, however will tell you something different.  You may actually be under a psychic attack. You may unwittingly be under the influence under someone who intends to harm you.          

It could be anyone. It may be a family member or someone you with who you had a failed relationship.  It could be someone from your past who is jealous of something you either had then or have now.  There is a shadow in the past of us all.  The one who wishes you ill, may not fully know what they are doing.  This darkness is the manifestation of negative energy that has never been faced or acknowledged.

There was a case where a woman had found and flourished in her dream job.  After what seemed to be a short while, she began to fade and could barely make it from day to day.  After visiting her advisor, she discovered that there was a fray in the psychic attachment between her and her father.  Her father appeared to be happy for her and her achievements, and to certain extent, he was. On the inside, however, he was a bit jealous of her success. He saw her career on the rise while his was on the wane. It was through consultation with her advisor that she was able to dissolve this energy without sacrificing the love and respect of the relationship.

Psychic attacks are real. They happen all the time. All you have to do is notice the effect of negative energy around you.  But don’t feel lost and hopeless, there are ways to protect yourself from any ill will or negative energy that comes from outside.  If you suspect that you are under attack, consult a psychic and take an active role in your psychic future.