Are Curses Real or Fake


Curses are both esoteric and manufactured.  Charlatans unfortunately exist claiming an ability to “remove curses: for a loft sum of money.  This is a scam that sadly effects many people.  Meanwhile, there are plenty of legitimate rituals and spells that possess visible and tangible traits serving to empower individuals to claim their full power.

Observe whether a “psychic” is looking to honor or erode a person’s free will.  There is no concrete way of bringing back a lost love or ensuring you get a specific objective.  If this person is not willing or able to love you back, or if an object is meant for another person, you will not achieve this dream.  A word of caution if you or anyone is dabbling in black magic, spells casted will only work if the people believe in the power of the curse.  But remember, any action you cast will manifest back in your life three-fold.  If you are concerned about malevolent actions towards you, meet any darkness you encounter back to the sender with pure love and light.  Never give anyone the power to muddle with your life and purpose!

Have unwavering faith and trust in whatever term you use to refer to the universal source energy (i.e., God or the Divine).  This is the best way to ensure your spiritual safety.  Heartfelt prayers are far more powerful than a superstitious action.  Focus on the love within and around you.  Pray to the source energy to this send of harm and chaos may be shown clarity and wisdom while they sleep (spiritual messages are received most easily during sleep).

Always remember, that the best way to match someone’s negative intent is to use mind over matter.  Curses can only harm you if you sincerely fear it.  It is the fear that manifests the curse into your life.  Believe that you, with Divine intervention are safe from any dark magic due to their loving protection, then you are.  Power belongs to the person with the strongest will!  Know you are safe and the source energy is protecting you with loving kindness and wisdom.  Bathe in this bubble of white spiritual light. Call on your ancestors, guides, and angels.  Never give in to worrying and you can break any potential curse.


  1. The mention of using heartfelt prayers and maintaining unwavering faith in a higher power is quite profound. It’s a reminder that spiritual resilience can be a powerful tool.

  2. The emphasis on self-empowerment and the use of positive energy is indeed compelling. It’s important to focus on love and light rather than fear.

  3. While the article provides valuable advice on handling perceived curses, one must also consider psychological perspectives. Fear and belief can significantly impact an individual’s mental state.

    • It’s true. Sometimes, deeply rooted fears and superstitions can manifest real consequences for individuals. Addressing the psychological aspect is important.

    • I agree. Psychological factors play a major role in how we perceive and respond to these situations. A balanced approach is necessary.

  4. The article raises interesting points about the power of belief and intention. It’s crucial to distinguish between genuine spiritual practices and scams that exploit people’s fears.

  5. It’s a good reminder to be skeptical of those claiming to have supernatural powers to solve our problems. Critical thinking is essential when dealing with such claims.


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