Places, Situations, and Times that Affect Psychic Energy

Psychic Energy

Psychic energy is all around us at all times. But there are places, situations, and times in which this energy is more easily sensed. This has nothing to do with “haunted” locations or token-object reading. There are typical places we exist, and situations and times in our normal routines, which we don’t realize are perfect for sensing the supernatural phenomenon of psychic energy. It’s as easy as clearing your thoughts and paying closer attention. You’ll soon start noticing the strength and power of psychic energy.

Five Psychically Energetic Places

Because of certain local characteristics, some places just feel special when it comes to sensing psychic energy. By paying closer attention in such places, you can further explore your psychic sensitivities. Here are five places where sensing psychic energy may be easier:

  • In forests. People have known about the energy fields of trees since prehistoric times. It’s as easy as going to the closest forest and walking among the trees. Stay quiet and sense their energy. Trees are powerful, fascinating, and possess physical and spiritual healing capabilities. Why not take advantage of this?
  • On shores. Psychic energy naturally concentrates near large bodies of water, such as oceans, seas, and lakes. This is also true, but to a lesser extent, of springs, rivers, and waterfalls. So, if you’re feeling spiritually weary, just visiting such bodies of water can recharge you.
  • In urban areas. No city can positively charge your psychic energy. But cities, with their significant populations, produce their own unique energy frequency that’s usable for psychic energy work.
  • On and near mountains. The psychic energy in mountains and hills is different than the energy on plains and in valleys. If you enjoy hiking in the mountain, you may have already experienced this energy difference.
  • In different areas in buildings. There are subtle differences in different areas of buildings. In public buildings, general areas feel different from private areas. In homes, the living room will feel different from a bedroom, the basement will feel different from the attic, and so on.

Three Psychically Energetic Situations

Physical location isn’t always the determining factor in the ability to detect psychic energy. Some situations make the energy more obvious. Here are three examples:

  • Cold weather. Wintertime is especially interesting because you can sense the “cool” energy of ice and snow. Water in its frozen form has completely different energy to sense than the liquid water in rainfall, lakes, and oceans.
  • Happy, excited crowds. The energy of sad and tired people will feel sad and tired. Happy and excited people naturally generate powerful energy that’s so strong you can even use it to recharge yourself.
  • Places with music. As with all sounds, music changes energy’s vibrations. So, a place where no music can be heard will feel different from places filled with music. The difference should not be all that subtle. For example, when you play music on a radio in the kitchen, the energy of the whole room feels different.

Four Psychically Energetic Times

Places and situations are not the only components that affect the ease of sensing psychic energy. Different times, days, and seasons also have different energy associated with them. Here are three examples.

  • Moonlit nights. Notice how different the energy feels between a moonless night and a night when a full moon hovers above you.
  • Stormy weather. Storms are weather phenomena that pack extraordinarily high concentrations of atmospheric turmoil as well as psychic energy. For some people, thunderstorms are powerful sources of energy. For others, they’re like black holes that suck energy in. See what you sense on the next stormy day. Also notice the energy differences between rainy days and sunny days. The energy certainly feels different. On sunny days, the energy is powerful and recharging. On rainy days, it’s muted, draining, and unappealing.
  • Sunrise and sunset. During sunrises, the cleansing properties of sunlight can be sensed. You know the sun is cleansing the place where the night energy gathered. And during the evening when the sun sets, you can feel the energy of the night converging and growing stronger.
  • Halloween. As Halloween draws nearer, the energy you sense dims and grows darker. Some people prefer the energy of this time of year because it awakens them and makes them want to be more active. Others don’t like how this darker energy makes them feel. They become sad and tired in autumn around Halloween.

This is just a sampling of the places, situations, and times at which psychic energy variations can more easily be detected. As your psychic sensitivity increases, you’ll be able to notice more subtle changes in your moods and the general energy frequencies. What else would you add? What other places, situations, or times would be on your list?