Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires

Psychic VampiresWhen you are a medium, you sometimes deal with topics of vampirism.  This article will help you to not allow vampires to take away your life.

Psychic Vampire

A psychic vampire is something that is either human or a spirit that will take away your energy.  We see them all the time in school, on the job or other places.  People that are not used to dealing with work energy will be prone to what is happening to them and they are not aware of what is going on.  The people that are aware will be able to combat these problems.

Where we live can be one giant vampire energy sucker.  People are always putting time into things like work and school and feel drained of their energy.

Workplace and being a manager are a big place that psychic vampires hang out.  They go to meetings and leave you feeling out of energy and negative.

Most people in management will do anything to get higher in position and they will walk over people in order to get there.  These people will steal the energy out of you.  It is hard to get subordinates to do work and to meet the goals that are demanded.  It leaves you feeling drained and humiliated.  They will feel amazing afterward because they stole your energy.

There are some exceptions to these types of bosses but most of them are vampire energy stealers.  There are also people I life that have bad health and are having a hard time and they will steal your energy too.  They want to talk forever, and this could be a neighbor or an elderly lady.  They don’t mean to take your energy, but you will leave exhausted.

These are harder to deal with so what do you do?

Be Aware

The first thing to do is to know and understand what is happening.  If you find yourself around someone that leaves you tired and drained, then you know that you are dealing with an energy vampire.  The other is trickier but you have to pay attention to their behavior patterns and see what causes them to act a certain way.  These types of vampires can also leave you feeling drained like a battery that is dead.

Don’t Play

Make sure you keep control of yourself and you keep your energy with you.  Don’t let anyone take it from you or be in control.  Just learn to be nice and walk away.  Do not play their game.

Speak Your Mind

Sometimes it is best if you speak your mind.  This will show people that you will not play their game.  Make the option to change jobs or to move somewhere else.  If it is family, limit your time with them but always be positive.  Do not let them drag you down.

If you are being around negative people all the time, find a way to find the positive.  If someone drains you from this, excuse yourself from them and find a better place to be.

Guard Your Soul

The best advice when you are under attack is to make sure you protect your own energy.  You can do this by meditating or going for a walk in a place with white light.  Talk to your universal power and ask for protection.  Maintain your energy and do not let vampires steal what you have.  Lock your energy into a container and do not let it out.  Find ways to hide your energy and do not let others thrive on it.

Guard Your Energy

Do not let bullies take your energy.  People in work and other places will keep trying but you need to be able to fight back.  Do not play their game but leave away from them so you are able to fight back with this power of protecting your physical energy.

Try to Change Them

Energy vampires will sometimes not realize they are that and they do not know that they are full of bitterness.  If they are on the dark side, this is different and can be a problem but if they aren’t they just need to have some positive light to get back to where they used to be.  Help them get rid of their negative flow.  Remember that you cannot fix everyone, but you can try your best.  The dark side always wants to make everything worse, but you can try to make it better.

Make People Aware

Energy vampires do not want to be identified and they want to be secret.  They hate being called out and want to be in control.  They might try to single you out to make you look bad but everyone will see it.  Always stay in control and do not let this hurt you or cause you to lose your positive energy.

Take back your life and always stay in control of the positive energy that you have.


  1. The suggestions offered for dealing with energy vampires are logical and can be applied in various scenarios. It’s crucial to maintain healthy boundaries and protect one’s well-being.

  2. The advice on guarding your energy and maintaining a positive mindset is practical. However, it would be beneficial to include more scientific explanations to support these practices.

  3. The article touches on an often overlooked aspect of interpersonal interactions. Identifying energy vampires and learning to manage such relationships can certainly improve one’s quality of life.

  4. While the concept of psychic vampires is intriguing, it’s important to consider psychological and emotional factors that might contribute to feelings of being drained around certain people.

  5. The article provides an interesting perspective on energy vampires, especially in workplace settings. It’s useful to be aware of individuals who might unknowingly drain your energy.


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