Who Are the New Earth Children?

Earth Children

There is a generation of people that are often called starseeds, lightworkers and maybe even old souls. These are people of the new earth, and they are the ones that have come in order to try to change the world for the better.

These are children or people that are able to look past the things in the world that are ignorant or wrong and still do their best to help make the earth something new, something better.

As we look at nature, we know that nature is important. Mother Gaia is one that has called out for those that want to change the world to come as these starseed children. These are the people that want to give their time, do not allow darkness to fill them and they want to move past any limitations in order to see things better for everyone.

These people are strong and bold, and they are willing to face adversaries in order to allow the world to change and to get rid of negativity, filling the world with better vibrations.

The new earth children are there to help change the way that people see others and to make humanity better. They come to change karma from something negative to something positive and to help make people more aware of their actions.

These lightworkers are people that have evolved further than others and they are here to make the world new. They are often old souls because they have travelled many lifetimes and they were born before the world knew what to do with them. The ideas and the frequency that these people work at is beyond what anyone could imagine.

The ones that first came to the world were given the hardest job of trying to help bring things into the world and get rid of the bad things that were holding human souls back. These are the people that are seeds of new ideas and those that know what is going on around them.

The new earth children that are now here are the ones that have worked after the first ones, and they are able to see the goodness that is coming to the earth. Even though they have to still work hard, these are the ones that get to see the changes coming.

No matter what the year is, these children can be any age and they have different purposes. They will share their ideas openly and find others that believe like they do. Even though we live in a world where people choose to remain ignorant, the lightworkers are here to bring light into the world and to give goodness for everyone.

The children of the new earth are forming a bond so that they can bring their hearts and minds together to get rid of the negativity that is here.  They want to see things made new and they want to make things better as the bad things begin to fade away.

Humans do not really understand what is happening always and it is up to the children of the new earth to show them how things are becoming new. As Mother Gaia forms and calls people to her, those that are working hard to fulfill her dream will see that this is a real calling. The changes will cause a shift and can bring about a great awakening.

Remember, if you are a children of the new earth, a starseed, a lightworker or even an old soul, do not lose heart about the strugglers that you face. Look at each block as something to celebrate. As you become victorious in what you are doing, you are bringing victory to others around you.

Let the roles that you have grow and learn to guide people to learn and to understand what is happening around them. Allow the gods and goddesses that you believe in to bring creativity and divinity into your life.

As the world turns and the children of the new earth journey through the universe, remember that wisdom is to be your guide and that you should always do your best to make sure that the darkness is taken over by the light.

Take the touch and go with it, children of the new earth! Be strong, face the reality of newness!