What Is The Type Of Of Reader Would You Need?


            Choosing the right reader as it maybe a clairvoyant, medium or a psychic, is a very essential part of getting a reading that provides you with the information and clarity you are looking for. With all the different titles and labels that are used, it can be bewildering to the seeker. By choosing someone who has the gifts you are specifically looking for, you can narrow down and find the right person for you to seek help with.

Here are a few of the more common titles used and what they mean:


Derived from the French expression and meaning “clear hearing,” a clairaudient is a person who perceives information by hearing. For example, a clairaudient may hear voices, music or sounds that relate to your situation or question.


Derived from the French expression and meaning “clear knowing,” a clairsentient is someone who perceives information through knowing. As opposed to the clairaudient who “hears”, a clairsentient receives information through extrasensory perception and interpret it as knowing in their mind.


Derived from the French expression and meaning “clear vision”, a clairvoyant is someone who receives or perceives information through vision or sight. Whether they see vignettes of a future occurrence or see the outcome of a current situation, clairvoyants “see” the meaning or significance of things. Long Range Viewing is a form of using clairvoyance.

Dream Interpreter:

Dream interpreters are individuals who have the ability to interpret dreams to help you find their inner meaning for you. Dream interpreters can help you understand whether a dream has special significance or not, and they can help you find the message within your dream.


Blessed with one of the most widely experienced gifts, an empath is someone who has the ability to identify with the emotional or mental state of another individual. While each uses their skills differently, an empath can help you find clarity by helping you see the situation through your and others’ emotional state.


An intuitive receives information without any conscious reasoning or tools. They might get information through instinct, through a natural connection with your situation and being able to perceive what the current situation or outcome will be.


A medium is a person who is able to perform “crossover” readings by connecting with people who passed away. Through a variety of forms of communication, a medium is able to, in a sense, bridge the gap between the world of the living and those who have passed. Mediums are also known as spiritualists.


A psychic is a person who may have any or none of the gifts or abilities described in this article, but experience phenomena that is inexplicable by the laws of science or nature.


From the Old English word raedere, a Reader can use a variety of different methodologies to help you find the answers you need. Whether they use tarot cards, oraclecards, pendulums, crystals, gem stones, runes, scrying, or any other number of methods, the individual “reads” the information.

What does this mean in practice?

For instance, if you want to connect with Great Aunt Margaret who passed away a few years ago, your best bet would be to seek the help of a Medium. If you are looking for a tarot or pendulum reading, you may want to search among at Readers, and, if you are looking for someone who uses no tools at all, but knows how you and others feel, an Empath is likely to provide the best of help.

Choosing the right person to help you with your particular issue is important. I hope this article helped clearing some things up!