What is the Mission of a Starseed?

What is the Mission of a Starseed?

A starseed is a person that has lived on a different planet and now is living as a human. This is someone that takes on different kinds of karma because they are living in a different dimension and they want to help others to have better lives.

This kind of person is about helping others and is selfless and wants to reach their highest self. As a starseed experiences lessons in life, some of them are hard and it causes them to have to heal the earth and people living here.

A starseed is often known as being homeopathic which means that they want to cure things such as diseases or other things. People that are healthy often have a strong ego but a starseed does not have this problem.

The starseed wants to come to the planet to lift up people and to help get rid of negativity. They go up against negative things that are happening in the world around them.

Someone doesn’t live based on what they look like and just because someone has an ordinary look or looks like everyone else doesn’t mean that they are. A starseed is very different. This type of person is creative, outspoken, and sometimes rebellious but they are also very caring and kind.

They often make people around them uncomfortable because they are considered weird or because they are not sure how to socialize.

The earth is here, and it is up to people to heal it and that is what the starseed wants to do. They want to change things and bring healing and to help those that have needs.

These people are not activists, even though they can be, but they want to see the planet be a better thing and a better place to live. They see their life as a gift, and they have to learn lessons from the planet to have grace for those living here.

The earth has wisdom and will show lessons through the vibrations that it shares. This can help the starseed to engage in a mission by setting in action what they want to do.

The great thing is that a starseed is on a mission and they will ask to be part of different missions and to work through their conscious thinking.

In order to have a conscious knowing of what your mission is, you have to understand what you are doing and learn to be responsible and accountable in what you do. This means you are free from religion and politics and this is a time that you need to act and figure out what your real mission is.

You need to focus on your starseed mission and make sure that you are ready to serve others and to do the things that you need to make the universe a better place. Do not forget to connect with the universe and find your purpose in life.