What effect can spiritual energy have on chronic fatigue?

What effect can spiritual energy have on chronic fatigue?

What effect can spiritual energy have on chronic fatigue?Sometimes spiritual energy can cause exhaustion or sick with a headache.  This seems to be more prevalent these days. It’s not anything we are eating or consciously exposing ourselves too. It has to do with the energies and frequencies that surround us.

Spiritual energy comes to us from the sun and it is filtered by distance so that we can manage them.  This energy enters us  and the earth to hold us in our place in this world. At times, this energy can make us feel unwell and tired.

There are some who have taken on the task of transmuting. Transmuting is when someone move out the old energy on our planet and transform it into a higher frequency.  This action generally happens while we are asleep. Because this action is happening on our planet, we feel it and it weighs us down, disrupting our rest.  This happens without our being aware so it is not surprising when this weak and ill feeling seems to come out of nowhere.

What is it?

It is possible because the symptoms are variable that this is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  CFS is an illness that manifests as a constant state of exhaustion and it hard to diagnose. Nothing appears to be wrong on a blood test or other diagnostic tests. Yet, the symptoms are very real.

Unfortunately because it has difficult to diagnose, you may be accused of making the whole thing up. It is very real and even if you make life changes, like adjusting your diet, changing your exercise patterns or other positive actions, the exhaustion just doesn’t let up. So what are the symptoms of transmuting illness?


  1. Extreme fatigue, even if you are just waking up. It takes you all day to fully become awake. This causes your energy to shift to the evening so you have to start the cycle over again.
  2. Headaches that range from mild to debilitating.  You can wake up with them or they can appear throughout the day. Some can last for over a week, varying in intensity but never really going away.
  3. Light Sensitivity This can be so bad that you have to sit in complete darkness until it passes, which may take the whole day.
  4. Generally feeling ill is also a symptom. It is hard to describe, but you won’t feel like doing anything but sitting still.No matter what you do, you can’t shake the ill feeling, you are just exhausted and don’t feel well.
  5. You don’t sleep well or your sleep is broken. And when you do sleep it doesn’t make the headaches any better. You will also wake up feeling unrefreshed.
  6. All over aches and pains are part of this process. Your joints may ache as the energies move through you.
  7. Memory loss and inability to concentrate are is also indicative of this type of illness. You may feel foggy in the brain and forgetful. This can pass, so be sure that you write down the important things you need to remember.

If you feel these symptoms daily for an extended period of time and you can’t find a medical reason, it is quite possible that transmutation and spiritual energies are behind your lines. What can you do about it? First seek help from a psychic or spiritual advisor who does work with energy. See if you are on the right track here.  If you are, you may just have to wait it out. See if your advisor can help you with coping mechanisms.