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Ways to Help Identify if a Psychic or Medium is a Fake

Ways to Help Identify if a Psychic or Medium is a FakeWhen you make the important decision to consult a psychic, it’s usually because you’re seeking some sort of life guidance. Whether you need advice on a new relationship, a career path, or are looking for a change of pace in life, psychics are there to help guide you and assist you down the right path. Unfortunately, however, there are those who will take advantage of a potential client’s vulnerable state and scam you out of your hard-earned money. These psychics are not legitimate and can cause a whole lot more harm than good.

So how can you spot a fake psychic? Let’s take a look at some helpful tips that will help you identify if the psychic you’re considering seeing is actually running a scam operation.

They Only Tell You What You Want to Hear

A fake psychic wants you keep coming back for more. So, this means they will continue to tell you things you want to hear instead of telling you the truth and give you an honest reading. In telling you what you want to hear, you’ll be more likely to come back to them for more readings, thus giving them even more of your money.

Fake Psychics Will Ask Too Many Questions

If you find yourself being asked an unusual amount of questions by a psychic, chances are that psychic is not legitimate. What they’re doing is fishing for as much information they can get out of you so they can make their predictions sound as legitimate as possible. They will also ask leading questions, prompting you to reveal more about yourself than you intended. So be on the lookout for an overabundance of questions, as this is usually a clear sign of a scam.

They Deal in Generalities, Not Specifics

A real psychic will give you a reading based on specifics about your current situation, while a fake psychic will be very general. That’s because the fake psychic isn’t able to read you and your energies. They will ask you very general questions about feelings and emotions that anyone off the street could be feeling at the same time. This is their way of seeming as though they’ve connected with you, when they should actually be able to read you without the leading, non-specific questions.

Fake Psychics Offer Unsolicited Advice to Strangers

A real psychic waits to be sought out by a client, while a fake psychic will seek them out in order to make as much money as possible. Those who look vulnerable, depressed, and lonely are the best targets for a fake psychic. They may approach you and tell you they have an important psychic message for your and that you must schedule a reading with them in private to discuss it. Don’t fall for this scam. A genuine psychic will most likely not approach you even if they did get an insight about you out in public. Or if they do, they would simply tell you what they want to you and not try to extort money from you.

It’s always important to be aware or psychic scams out there. It’s a huge business making money off of those in need of the most guidance. So, be sure to keep an eye out for the signs that a psychic is not legit. And don’t forget to do thorough research before deciding on a psychic.

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