Waking Up Your Psychic Abilities

Waking Up Your Psychic Abilities

Have you ever had a psychic experience and you knew things, but you weren’t sure why you knew them?  Have you ever had a strong feeling that something was going to happen, but you didn’t know where the feeling came from?

Everyone has psychic abilities but sometimes they reveal themselves in a different way to you such as through intuition or through a gut feeling.  Sometimes you have a muscle in your body that communicates with the universe and you don’t realize it but you are already open to this.  Your body is like an internal signal and all you have to do is be able to call on the universe through your inner consciousness to know things.  When something big is about to happen, you can sometimes receive information that will shock you or get your attention.

Sometimes this can seem as though you are sensing something bad and this is part of your psychic ability that can warn you when you are in danger.  This gift can increase good things in our life and make things clearer.  It can help you with your personal experiences and can give you the ability to work through things.

There are ways that you can increase these gifts:

Divine Guidance

One way to increase your gift is to wake up and speak to the universe and ask it to help you.  Make this part of your routine because the universe is always listening and sending you messages.  The universe will send you signs and communicate with you.  Ask the universe to watch over you and to guide you in all you do.

Third Eye

Try to open up your third eye by meditating.  Sit quietly and breathe deeply and imagine the energy in your forehead coming open.  Practice this everyday and focus on this energy.  This can open up your perception.


Listen to your intuition before you make any decision both big or small.  Part of your psychic ability is intuition and instead of just giving a yes or no answer, talk to the universe and listen to your intuition. Think about things that you are faced with in your day and follow the path that your intuition is steering you to because you will see signs.  This will help you to make the right choices and will give you a better life and a better good.  You will feel much better about things because when you listen to your intuition you will be calm.


Test yourself and see if you are increasing your abilities.  Try to guess who is calling or what a text message is going to say.  Try to figure out who you will meet today even before going out of the house.  Pay attention to the first thought that comes to your mind and stick with it.


Pets are a great way to help you increase your abilities.  Even though your pet cannot communicate through voice, they can communicate with you and show you what they are thinking.  Try to talk to them without using words.  Send them subtle messages throughout your day and learn to trust your abilities.


Each skill that we have in life takes practice and time.  We are all born with some type of psychic intuition and you need to practice it to make it stronger.  Work on your journey and practice increasing these abilities.

Enjoy the exercises that you can do and keep a journal so that you know when you have seen something new.  Most of all enjoy communicating with the universe through your psychic gift.