Using Your Personal Superpower

Personal Superpower

Everyone has a superpower but most don’t even recognize it. Your intuition can provide a wealth of information and direction if you know how to use it and how to listen to it.

Those who live long enough can think back to a time when they made a decision even though it didn’t “feel right.” It probably didn’t turn out well. You may have felt something in your intuition telling you it wasn’t the right decision but brushed it away because all the data showed it was a great decision.

This is when your intuition fights with your mind over a decision. Your mind, like a computer, reviews data and the data says it’s ago. Yet, for some reason, your intuition tries to issue red-flag warnings all over the place.

Many pooh-pooh intuition because intuition is devoid of conscious reasoning, proof, or even understanding of how the info is obtained. That is a bad idea.

Scientific research actually proves intuition works and can help people make more confident, accurate, and better decisions. The U.S. military reportedly has training that teaches troops how to follow their intuition.

One theory is that intuition is a collection of all of our experiences stored in our subconscious. This vast amount of information comes to the surface as “gut instincts” when we are in certain situations.

Others claim our intuition is tied spiritually to the divine, whether that is God or the Universe, so knowledge is infinite.  What people can agree on is that everyone has some form of it and that “still small voice” is typically accurate.

Developing an Intuition Connection

Ways exist to help you develop a better connection to your intuition. Here are some ways you can learn to strengthen your intuition.

  1. Go small.

Developing your intuition is more about developing your trust and confidence in it rather than the intuition itself. This is why you start small in using it. At first, use it to decide what to eat for dinner or which way to go home.

You will know your intuition is in play when coincidences start happening and each has an effect on your life. For instance, a new route or a sudden decision to stop at a business may net a new important contact or reunite you with an old friend. These are things to look for as you begin.

  1. Meditate.

Implementing either meditation prayer into your life will allow you to pay more attention to your intuition. These practices strengthen your connection to your higher self or God.

  1. Make a log of where and when you feel intuition.

Understanding when, where, and why your intuition kicks in will go a long way for you to learn to trust it. The best way to do that is to create a log. If your intuition starts going into overdrive around certain people or places, start thinking about why that is. It could be the people or place has a root fear or anxiety related to it. Maybe it has negative energy and your intuition is warning you. Maybe it’s a hidden fear you have that you need to conquer because ultimately the experience is good for you.

Whatever the reason, you can analyze it better once you write it down in a log.

  1. Be creative.

Taking your mind off of everything else and getting into a creative activity will do you good in multiple ways. It will relieve stress but also opens up your mind to your inner self, which means you can better hear your intuition. Make time to do something creative regularly.

  1. You can change your mind.

One method of practicing intuition is to decide in your mind to see how it sets with you. Remember, you don’t have to follow through with it. This is just to see how you feel about it. Then, try making a different decision and see how it feels. Ask yourself which one makes you feel more comfortable and confident? You can do this as many times as you need to come to a good decision.

  1. Decide if the decision has value to others.

Typically, our good decisions are those that have value to others or help others. Decisions that seek only ourselves are usually bad choices.

Learning how to use your intuition can be a powerful tool to help guide you on your life path. It can be used both for immediate decisions and future goals. It is truly your superpower