Tips To Find An Accurate Psychic


It’s a primary concern of anyone who are considering to have a psychic reading about the accuracy of the psychic regardless if it’s over the phone, online, or face to face: They do ask themselves “Is the reader genuine?”

You might think it would be much easier if all authentic psychics wore a licensed uniform (perhaps long dresses with bandanas and big earrings) and carried a crystal ball. However, I have found that, actually, the best psychics are normal everyday people: they dress in everyday normal clothes and they have normal everyday responsibilities and worries.

Here are some traits I look for that help me decide if someone is an authentic psychic or not:

1. I feel comfortable with the reader

If a reader is to tune into someone, there should be a real connection between the psychic and the client. Both parties should be comfortable in each others’ company. This means the warm, friendly energy that is exchanged will carry with it the information the reader needs. This energy can be transmitted by voice – which is why phone readings are possible.

2. I get a sense of empathy

The reader should be able to empathize with someone, and be sensitive to the feelings being expressed. That said, no psychic should avoid telling the customer what they should hear, rather than what they want to hear, just to avoid causing upset. If authentic, a psychic should never be disrespectful or condescending to those seeking help.

3. The reader speaks with the voice of experience

Most likely, if a reader is good, he or she will have generated positive word-of-mouth and have built a solid reputation for his or her abilities. Perhaps someone you trust has come to you with a glowing review. Don’t just go with one recommendation – find out as much about a potential reader as you can. Information should be easily available, without you having to do too much research.

4. What do I come away with?

Of course, all of the above is pointless if you come away with a feeling of having achieved nothing. The reader should be able to give you some guidance. At the very least, help you to look at a situation from an outside point of view.  If a psychic cannot do that, then he or she definitely lacks authenticity. But you have to be realistic about outcomes, and not go away expecting miracles. The reader cannot make things happen; only you can do that, as you are in control of your own destiny.

Remember: authenticity is a two-way thing

I believe that there are far more authentic psychics in this world than there are chancers and charlatans – despite what a skeptical media would have you believe. So good psychic guidance can be extremely productive. However, successful outcomes require an effort on both parts. A psychic can offer authentic guidance, but whether or not you succeed in achieving what you want depends on the authenticity of the actions you take, following a reading.

Your Psychic reader can help you look at where you are in life, and where you want to be. Ultimately, however, you are the master of your own universe.


  1. I appreciate the overview of traits to look for in a psychic. It seems like building a connection and having empathy are key aspects of a genuine reading.

  2. It’s good advice to seek multiple recommendations before choosing a psychic reader. Relying on word-of-mouth and researching their reputation can provide more assurance of their abilities.

  3. The emphasis on coming away with useful guidance rather than expecting miracles is crucial. It underscores the importance of realistic expectations.

    • Absolutely. Many people might expect too much from a reading, but the article rightly points out that ultimately, we control our own actions and outcomes.

  4. The article makes a valid point about authenticity in psychic readings. It’s interesting to consider that genuine psychics might look and act like everyday people.

  5. The notion that authenticity is a two-way street is compelling. It makes sense that both the reader and the client need to contribute to the process for it to be successful.


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