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Tips on How to Choose the Best Psychic

There’s a lot of psychic websites online and you have either never had a psychic reading before with them or if you have, they have been in person rather than over the telephone/internet. Many of you think about getting a good connection with the psychic. So, what can you expect and more importantly, how do you choose the best psychic?  Here are the basics:

  1. rightpeopleThe first step is to understand that there is no one psychic that is ‘right’ for everyone.  Just as we have some people we like and admire in our lives and others that we don’t – the same concept applies to psychic readers.  Some will ‘work’ for us,. And others won’t.  If you get a reading from a psychic that isn’t right for you.. then move on.  If you find someone that is right for you.. hold on to them!!!
  2. Psychics are individuals with specific strengths and weaknesses.. seek out a psychic that matches your ‘requirements’.  If you want a reading on your pet dog; contact a pet psychic.  If you want relationship advice, contact a psychic that specializes on love issues/advice.  If you seek career advice; find a psychic who deals with business and career questions.  Be specific in your search.  Not all psychics are created equal!
  3. You will get the best readings from a psychic you connect well with.  Just as we have ‘connections’ with people, we also have connections with psychics and psychic readers.  Sometime we have a better connection with some psychics than others.  Use that as your guide.
  4. No psychic is 100% accurate all of the time.  Infact, I personally doubt that any person can be 100% accurate – period.  Therefore, stay away from people who claim to be 100% accurate or 101% accurate or other outrageous claims.  I would love to know how a psychic can be accurate more than 100% of the time.. but some do make such claims.
  5. A psychic is not necessarily a witch or capable of reuniting lovers and creating job opportunities for you.  If that is what you seek, pick your psychic carefully.
  6. On psychic websites such as PsychicOz– Psychics have the opportunity to document their specialties and write up a page that reflects their unique talents.  Read these pages carefully.  If you are drawn to a particular psychic – call them. They are right for you!  For example, my forte is answering specific questions and giving insight into Relationship Issues.  My psychic abilities allow me to see the trends that exist now and in the future.  I prefer to gear my readings to specific questions and scenarios rather than general readings.  I encourage callers to prepare their questions carefully so they get answers specific to the issues/situations they desire.25e948752ff5e588a203b891c14b014a
  7. Readers can use tools or just be intuitive or psychic.  If you prefer card readers, select one that uses cards.  If you prefer a reader that excels in precognition, then chose one that foretells the future.  My strengths are precognition (foretelling the future) and also seeing current situations.
  8. Psychics are human and have ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’.  Some psychics make a connection faster than others, so the fairest approach is to give a psychic at least 3-5 minutes before ending a call.  If a psychic is not connecting with you after that timeframe, you always have the option to end the call.
  9. Each reader has their own techniques to ‘interpreting information’ they receive. Don’t get turned off if they ask a few very pertinent questions.  If you ask a psychic about your musician friend ‘Sam’.. with a question like:  What can you tell me about my relationship with Sam?   An acceptable question for a psychic to ask is:  Is Sam a musician?  I hear music and feel he loves to sing. Or a psychic may say:  ‘Did Sam just get a new car?’  These are very specific questions about Sam that a psychic may be picking up.  By answering a few specific questions – it will help the psychic zoom in on the correct person.  On the flipside if the psychic asks general questions that don’t really relate to the uniqueness of Sam then they might not be picking up on the person you called about.
  10.  Listen carefully to the information a psychic is giving you.  Take notes.  Just because something is not in your life today, does not make the information incorrect.
  11. Be open & friendly.  I find it difficult to read for a person who hesitates to even give me their first name.  That person is often trying so hard not to disclose any information that their energy is very guarded and blocked. They are difficult for any psychic to read.  If you are doubtful of a psychic’s abilities; then don’t call.
  12. Learn how much information is ‘not enough’ and how much is ‘too much’.   If you are calling regarding a specific problem – state the problem or ask a question.  Don’t blame the psychic if they don’t pick up the finite details you want.. if the psychic has a good connection and you have a question – ask if you want insight into a specific scenario.  I find the best readings occur when specific questions are asked such as:
    1. Hi Psychic.  Can you tell me if I have future with Bill?
    2. Do you see my relationship with Stan changing in the next 6 months?
    3. Are things going to improve with my relationship with Becky?
    4. Will Jessica and I reunite?  If so, when?
    5. Will I ever marry Sue?
    6. Does Tara love me?
  13. When a client asks specific questions like those – I provide a reading specific to their questions and concerns.
  14. images (28)If possible, select psychics that have some sort of verifiable credentials. Universities and 3rd party organizations certify psychics.  They use scientific tests to verify/confirm psychic abilities.
  15. In my personal opinion a psychic should NEVER tell you what to do.  There is a fine-line about giving advice and telling a client what is best for them.  In life we have FREE WILL.  In my readings I do my best to guide my clients and provide them with the information I see.  But, I don’t tell them what to do.  For example, if a caller wants to know if Dan will marry her.  If I see it, I will tell her.  However, if she asks if she should marry Dan – that is completely up to her.  I can tell her what trends are ahead.. and if she and Dan are soulmates and belong together, but I can not tell a client to marry someone; we all have free choice.


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