Talking with the Spirits

Talking with the Spirits

People that believe in the supernatural often believe that you can communicate with the spirits. This can be something that is beneficial to you so that you can communicate beyond what the world has to offer. You can ask your spirit guides and your angels to show you more things and to talk to you.

Since the Universal Law of Free Will, you can talk to your spirit guides, and you can ask them to come to you and help you when life is hard. They have to be asked or they cannot help because you have the free will to talk to them or not to talk to them and they respect that. It is your right to ask for direction and guidance from them in your own life.

You have to ask the spirit guides to come to you and to help you before they will show up and communicate with you. But once you do that, you will see that they will talk to you more and they will show you things in your life that can help you. The things they help you with can be small such as helping you to park closer at the store, to big things such as helping you to know what to do next in your life. You can ask for anything and they can guide you.

The great thing about talking to the spirit guides is that you can learn to talk to them in the language that they communicate with. Since they are different, chances are they will communicate with you internally and externally, but it is different and not like you are used to in your everyday talks with people.

External Talking

When you talk to someone externally, you can do this with different signs and symbols that they can give you. This allows them to set up places where you can go each day and you can know that your guides are there trying to help you and show you who they are. They use both signs and synchronicities to get your attention.


There are different signs that your guides can give you such as something falling in your home, something playing on the radio that you needed to hear, a white feather, a coin or something else that makes you know that they are near.


Synchronicities happen when you have things happen in your life that are not normal. This can be something that seems like a chance happening, but it is really your guides guiding you and showing you the right way to go in your life.

Internal Talking

Your guides will also use internal talking to communicate with you. When this happens, they will talk to you from your mind, and you will hear them and feel them. They will use your vibrations to tell you things and you will be able to listen to your inner guide and to get their information. This is part of your clair senses and your psychic giftings that you have.


This is a psychic gift of clear seeing. This means that you are able to have visions or to see things other people cannot see.


This gift is clear hearing, and it means that you can hear the spirits talking or saying your name. This is sometimes an inner voice inside of you.


This is clear sensing, and it means that you are able to sense when something is close to you such as a spirit or something else. It means that you get a gut feeling something is going to happen.


This gifting is clear knowing and means that you just know things without someone telling you. This means that you know things that you never were told, and you didn’t get the information from others.

When the spirit guides talk to you, they will give you internal and external messages. You will get the messages in different ways, and you will know that they were there with you because they will inspire you and guide you in all ways. How did you feel when you were given guidance? Did you feel happy and informed? Did your guides make you feel safe? These are things that happen when you listen to your guides.

If all of a sudden you feel fearful and worried, you need to know that this is not your spirit guide. You will always feel safe and at peace when your guides talk to you, and you should never feel fearful.

When you learn to talk to your spirit guide, you will see that they talk differently than you do but you will be connected to their energy and learn how to communicate better with them. Each moment that you spend talking to your guide will give you a chance to communicate and get messages from them that will help you to be loved and hopeful on what your life has to offer.

Your lives are there to help you to feel loved and cared for and that is also the purpose of your guides. They will show you what you need to do and help you through anything, even when it is hard.