Shadow Self

Shadow Self

The shadow self is something that a person does to suppress their emotions and to hide their impulses.  This involves bringing a person’s unconscious desires to their mind so that they can be productive and use them to change their lives.

What is Shadow Self

Some people think that the shadow self is the part of our unconscious drive and our behaviors.  The deep-seated beliefs make us use our conscious awareness that roots from our childhood and there are no hidden parts of our personality that causes us to sabotage our behaviors.

Most people focus on what is in their conscious awareness instead of addressing their internal living and actions that manifest their desires.  This can be a dark side of us that we repress as a shadow.

Many people do not know what part of our shadow and it can be parts that we disown, and we learn to hide so that we can have a better reality.  The shadow self is the subconscious that does not mean to sabotage us, but it can get into our lives and our believes and make us act in unexpected ways.

We sometimes use this as a defensive mechanism to keep us from owning our power and to keep our potential hidden so that we can do inner work to create a positive change.

There are different ways that you can manifest your self-sabotage in your life, and these are things we need to change.

Deserving It

Many of us feel that we are not enough, and we are not worthy of a career or a relationship is good.  Most of the time, the truth is that we are overqualified for these things but we self-sabotage ourselves because we think that since even as a child, we are expected to be a certain way and we do things that are harmful to ourselves so that we can think that we are doing what is right.  We harm ourselves and tell ourselves negative things.

We can do better by meditating and using affirmations and healing for our own lives so we can be better.

We have to learn to examine our subconscious lives and work at the surface level so that we can let go of thoughts that bring us down.  We have to heal these things and learn to be healthier.

We have to stop repressing things and listen to them and find out if they are trying to protect us from something.  We have to talk to our inner being and uncover why we are acting the way that we are and what has caused us to feel that way.

Have we been in relationships that are trustworthy, or have we been burned by people that allows you not to be able to be what is best for you?

If you doubt being worthy enough then you have to reverse this.  You have to figure out that people are less loving than you and that they don’t have to earn your love.  They just deserve it like you do.  When you see people as less than you are or who you think they should be, then you are being selfish, and you feel that you need to approve people with manipulation.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be empathetic and compassionate and why you are already deserving of what you have just because of who you are.  You have a right to your dreams, and you were not put on earth to be someone else but to be who you are.  You are worthy of everything that you desire, and you have to learn to believe this.


You need to use positive affirmation and make yourself understand that you deserve all good things that come into your life.  You need to allow miracles to come.

Spiritual Bypassing Emotions

People are told to be thankful for life and for dreams and to repress their emotions so that they can life and be gracious that life is there.  Instead, what it is causing is for people to have internal stress and unhealed resentment and even if they are thankful and validated then there can be a pathway to open up the emotions.

It’s not okay to hide your emotions or to ignore them.  They should be honored and heard, and you should be able to get healing from your feelings.  People don’t always realize that when they ignore their emotions that it causes hardness inside.  It is unfair that experiences in life are meant to be ignored or hidden and that all we should do is show appreciation for what we have been through instead of being open and allowing things to come to the surface.

If you find yourself in a spiral then you need to look at what is good in your life but you also need to look at things that have happened in your life that have made you stronger.  Take a notice on things that you are thankful for and then take note on things that you are struggling with.  Write these things down and learn to open up your emotions.

When you are appreciative of what you have it can bring you more things.  There can be a powerful healing of your emotions if you channel them wisely.

Always affirm yourself and allow abundance to flow to you.  When there is pain and anger inside of you, allow it to come out and not to bully you in silence.

Being Integrated

One of the biggest mistakes in life is that your journey is supposed to be only light and love.  Forgive people and stay away from toxic people and learn to be in situations that bring you joy but understand that you are not going to be happy all the time.

When you own the fact of who you are and you are allowed to experience and contribute to life even when you are afraid or sad, then you are being integrated as a person.  Being a human being requires you to use your subconscious desires to make you aware of who you are.

If you want to claim a dream relationship, then you can believe that you are happy even if you are single.  There is nothing wrong with believing that but there are ways that you can be open to more and you can keep your mind open to having a healthy relationship and to have happiness in the future.

Maybe you want to make it through a past trauma and you are angry when you think about it.  Anger is a tool that is powerful and is used to defend yourself.  Don’t hide your dark emotions just because society tells you that you need to hide your anger.  You have to acknowledge all parts of your emotions even when they are dark and terrible.

You need to use your feelings constructively and precisely and allow your feelings to be.  You need to be determined to do the best in life and if you ignore your emotions then you will not allow them to serve you.  Anger is an emotion that is stigmatized but it is an emotion that allows you to reach your highest purpose.

Allow yourself a time to be bad and to do bad things.  This is an emotion that people try to tell you that you cannot be but just learn to say no to things you want to say no to and say yes to things that bring you pleasure.  This might seem bad to some, but you should be able to keep different parts of your identity happy even if you don’t fit the worldly image.  Allow yourself to enjoy your spiritual self and your sexual self.

Allow your dark side to give you dreams and to make you who you want to be.  Let your dark side not fit with society and don’t limit yourself.  When you give yourself permission to be who you are and to be confident in life then you won’t restrict who you are and you won’t let yourself be as complex or censored as you thought you should be.

Affirm yourself and approve yourself and know that you control all of your darkness and your light.  Allow your imperfections and flaws to be part of you and to be beautiful inside of yourself.


  1. The idea that anger can serve a constructive purpose is thought-provoking. Embracing all emotions, even the darker ones, seems necessary for authentic personal development.

  2. Addressing the shadow self seems crucial for personal growth. It forces us to confront parts of ourselves that we might be uncomfortable with but are necessary for true self-awareness and healing.

  3. The concept of the shadow self is intriguing. It highlights the importance of understanding our unconscious drives and integrating them into our conscious life for personal development.

  4. The article provides a detailed exploration of how suppressed emotions and hidden impulses can shape our lives. It’s a reminder of the importance of emotional honesty and self-examination.

  5. The discussion on spiritual bypassing is particularly relevant. It’s essential to acknowledge both positive and negative emotions to achieve a balanced and integrated self.


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