Questions About Clairvoyance


People have different thoughts and opinions on psychics and on telling the future, but some believe that there are people that actually know things and can really predict the future. When you can predict the future, it doesn’t mean that you are clairvoyant.

Being clairvoyant means that you have a special feeling or insight about things that happen in the future, and you have this without anyone giving you any kind of information. This information comes from the spirit world.

When someone is clairvoyant, people will often tell them that there is no way that they could have known those things and so trying to make sense of what happens is really hard and it can be confusing even if you are the person that has these giftings.

What is Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance is a French word that means to have clear seeing. This means that someone that is clairvoyant is able to see things into the future or to know about something even if they haven’t been exposed to it before.

There is no scientific or logical way to explain this, and this theory is part of having a sixth sense. This means that someone can see things even in space and time.

When you want to be a clairvoyant and develop your giftings, this isn’t just reading into the future, but it can also be reading into the past. It can be different things for different people.

History of Clairvoyance

Clairvoyant people are documented throughout history. This helps people to understand it more even though it is not something that science has given people to understand.

Even in religion clairvoyance has been something that has been around for a long time in many of the different religions. Many people still argue if this is real and if it is doing the answers come from something good or from an enemy.

Science and Clairvoyance

Science has studies clairvoyance but three is no real conclusion that it is real or not real. Scientists such as Charles Richet and Arthur James Fenwick have all studied this.


One thing that happened with clairvoyant research happened with J. B. Rhine who created a way to test the sixth sense. His test proved that it was inconclusive if it is real or not and this was government funded research.

Science has not stopped the evidence of people that claim to have personal experiences with their own clairvoyant abilities.

Are You Clairvoyant?

What does it mean to you about being clairvoyant? Do you feel that you have a real gifting or that it is just something that happens by accident? Clairvoyance is not something that you just see on television, but it is ways that you get messages in ways such as:

  • Vivid dreaming.
  • Daydreams.
  • Images when meditating.
  • Visions.
  • Changes in how you see things such as lights flashing.
  • Vibrations.
  • Images moving around.
  • Strange things coming to your mind.
  • Friends see things you see.
  • Vibrations coming from the forehead or third eye.
  • Strong intuition.
  • Know what people are thinking or feeling.
  • Déjà vu.

These things are the most common clairvoyant things that we see. You need to open your mind and decide what these things are that are happening to you.

Some people have a psychic energy inside of them that allows them to see things that other people do not see and is beyond their reality.

You might see someone that has a special thing around them like colors and you don’t know why you see it, nor can you really explain it. This can be a strong vibration that is working through you and can be a positive thing.

Even if your gifts are not developed you can sometimes see these things.

Being a Real Clairvoyant

Do you feel that you are someone that is a true clairvoyant, but you would like to find someone to mentor you and help you with your gift?

Remember that you can’t trust everyone and not all psychics online that claim to be real are.

Knowing a Real Clairvoyant

You can find out if a clairvoyant is real or a fraud by how you feel and when they ask you for money. They should never charge you outrageous prices or ask for more money.

A real psychic will never say that they can read minds, but they will pick up on your energies and use it to understand what is going on in front of them.

Finding Clairvoyant Helpers

Psychics do things not about the mind, but they use their heart and the energy around them. No psychic is ever able to get everything right. Most people that are psychic are real people such as artists or doctors.

A psychic is a person that will help you to be the best that you can be. They are people just like you, but they are able to have special gifts.

Not all psychics want money for what they do, and some are born with their gifting. Others go out and earn things such as PhD’s and other degrees so that they can help others.

Tips for Talking to a Clairvoyant

What do you want to see when you talk to a clairvoyant? What are you trying to accomplish? When you decide to talk to a clairvoyant, you need to know that this is not something magical and you need to not leave upset or disappointed.

Be Specific

You have to be specific about what you want when you see a psychic. Are you wanting to talk about your relationship or about your job? Be very specific in what you want.

Open Minded

You need to always be open minded and make sure that you are listening to things even if you don’t agree. Listen to what they tell you and what they feel but always use your intuition to make sure what you are hearing is real.


Everyone has to figure out what they want in their own life. Some believe in the psychic world and others do not and that is your choice. Do not let yourself get upset with different thoughts that people have but use your own thinking to do what you believe in.

A clairvoyant psychic will not just tell you what they are feeling but they will work with the spirit world to give you information that will help you on your journey.