Psychic Scam Strategies


scam 1From my experience, I know there are unquestionably individuals who can help other people by utilizing psychic capacity. Ordinarily, I’ve seen people significantly impacted by this kind of experience. In the meantime, I don’t imagine that numerous “expert psychics” merit the cash or time that their customers give them. I’m not attempting to be basic, simply legitimate.

I really think that many of the people in the field lack the training, experience, ethics, and the heart to help their clients. Why would I say this? Here’s the simple reason – Many of the people calling themselves psychics really don’t use psychic abilities when they are providing a service for their clients. Most of the time, the “psychic” is using other methods to get information from the client and just acting like it’s psychic information. This type of thing is often called a “cold reading.”

Now that we have that reality blaster out of the way, I’m going to tell you the two main categories of psychic scammers that you are going to run across. This is what you’ll likely find whether you search for a psychic in the phone book, on the internet, in a national magazine, or you see an ad on TV.

Psychic Scams – The Solo Scammer

OK, the first category of a psychic scammer is what we’ll call the Solo Scammer. These are the people that you have to watch out for the most.

At least with the Psychic Networks, which we will discuss in another article, you might get some type of quality control. If a psychic working on a network gets a lot of complaints from customers, sometimes the network will eventually fire them. They have to do this to avoid legal consequences.

The Solo Scammers, however, are operating on their own. They are individuals that aren’t connected to a larger organization, or any company at all for that matter.

scam 2You may have seen the little offices in every city, offering “Palm Readings” or some type of similar claim – you know, the ones with the neon signs. This is the type of independent operation I’m talking about. It could even be a virtual office that has no location, a situation where the “so-called psychic” works primarily over the phone.

Now don’t get me wrong – just because a psychic has a storefront or works on their own does not mean they are a scammer. There are some great “independent” psychics out there, you just need to know what signs to look for when making your final decision.

Here are some points to consider and help you identify a Solo Scammer:

  • They Advertise Just Like The Good Psychics– You can find these people usually through websites, ads in magazines, in shops on the streets, even ads on cable TV networks.
  • They Make Claims That Can’t Be Proven– They will often blatantly advertise that they “specialize in reuniting loved ones.” They will often refer to themselves as “third generation psychics” and other unverifiable claims. They may even offer in their ads to give you special love spells and potions to manipulate the different people in your life.
  • Some Of Them Have Genuine Psychic Abilities– What’s really tough is when one of these Solo Scammers actually has some genuine psychic abilities. They will usually use these to lure you in at the beginning. They may pick up a name or a description of someone close to you or something else unique in your life. Then they use their accuracy as leverage to sell you on the curse scam, cleansing, ritual, etc.
  • They Make Claims Of Curses– Once they feel they have your trust, psychic scammers will often then introduce claims that someone has put a curse on you. They may also take the angle that someone your lover knows has cast a spell to keep them from loving you, or that your family has a curse on it and this is why you are experiencing love or financial matters. Whenever you hear anything about curses, consider this to be a major flag to get immediately away. It’s almost always just a setup to get you to pay them to remove the bogus curse.
  • They Usually Offer Small Fees (Or Free Services) Up Front For Psychic Readings– You think you are getting a deal, but the small fees up front (even as low $5) are just to bait you into being a big spender. Once you get into the reading a little bit, they will somehow angle it that you or someone you love has a curse on them, negative energy around them, and that work needs to be done immediately to fix this matter. It’s all about setting you up to be their long-term personal money machine.
  • They Offer To Do Prayer, Rituals, and Spells– They usually offer to burn special candles from some far off country blessed by a priest or something of that nature (you get my point). They claim they will do extensive meditation on the matter. They emphasis that these things are critical and someone might even die if the work isn’t done. Sometimes they will insist on “borrowing” a large some of money so they can bless it or bury it for a while to remove your money curse. I’ve even seen several cases where the “psychic” will threaten to curse client if dues aren’t paid.
  • They Claim To Charge A One Time Fee For Their Work– They will usually charge a flat fee of $50 – $500 dollars for the first time. Yes, I did say the “first time.” This is because they will take you as far as you will go. Usually after a couple days they will call you back, or when you call them back, they will tell you that the curse is “stronger than they realized” and that more work needs to be done, more candles need to be bought, etc. This is of course for a fee.

scam 3I’ve heard of these people jumping up in increments like $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000 and it just keeps going. Once you’ve invested a substantial amount, they even use that as leverage -they claim that you will loose everything you’ve invested if I don’t keep working to remove the spell, etc).

  • They Give Good Cold Readings– Most of the time, though, psychic scammers are just good at reading your tone of voice, bringing up general statements that seem specific, or baiting you for information. Then they “throw back” what they have gathered in a way that makes it seem as if they’ve “psychically” received it. I’ve even seen cases where scammers have had cameras and microphones in their driveways to catch conversations and details of incoming in-person clients.

So pay attention to the warning signs I’ve given you here. They could help you spot a Solo Scammer and could save you from a lot of unnecessary emotional and financial trauma.