Psychic Death

Psychic Death

We all live a life of social media.  We don’t know if we should keep scrolling or if we should find out what the next person has to say. We question ourselves on reading the next post or making a comment or turning off our phones and going to bed.  We lay in our bed and look at our phones with every ding and notification that pops up and we are always completely stumped into the next things that we should do with our lives.

We try to find a purpose of living but instead it is like our purpose is a cycle that continues to go on each and every day.  It is something that we don’t know if we should protest or something that we should support.  We look at each story with half an eye and with a thousand tabs open on our phones.  We reach for our next social media blog and we decide if we want to be angry or proud of what we read.

We live our lives like we have no mind of our own and that we are only half conscious of what is going on around us.  We have things that are constantly in front of us and we never know what to do or if we want to be engaged.

We ask ourselves these things each and everyday because we never know what kind of response we will get.  We long for human interaction but this is becoming less and less normal.

We have to resist psychic death.  What is that you say?  It is a way of saying that we second guess each and everything that we think through our mind.  We refuse to do things to help ourselves and instead we continue to get lost in things like social media and other technology.  We forget to take time to talk to others and to laugh, send out a letter or to do something that makes us feel alive.  We have to resist being dead in our psychic abilities.  We have to stop taking care of things around us and learn to take care of who we are.  We have to follow our hearts and listen less to our minds.

People all of a sudden realize that they have a problem in their lives, nothing seems very important anymore.  People that have jobs doing important things feel at loss as well.  They feel that the purpose that they once had is gone and they don’t even know why they exist.

You feel like you are worthless and that you don’t mean anything.  You resist the idea of loving yourself and believing in the arts.  You have the same questions that the world does such as, “should the arts be gone, or should we bring them back?”  You wonder if music and art and painting is dumb and is losing its place in America or if America is asleep and missing it.

Resisting psychic death means that you are going to fight for the arts and lift your head up and get back to reading, painting, watching films, painting, going to art shows and taking friends out to have fun in life.

Art is a way that we find who we are.  We are able to see life in a different form if we choose to become part of it.  We take the moments and we find art but in it, we find who we are.  Art makes us have memories of our past life and good things that we hoped for our future and the future in the generations to come.

We want to have hope, we want to be serious about the past of war, the scary things that have made us feel alive.  We must learn to feel again and learn to live a real life, not one of fantasy and webpages.  Learn to stand up and resist psychic death and do this by getting off the internet!