Ouija Boards, Candles, and Levitating Tables: Tools for True Medium or Just Hype?


Discover real channeling tools and how you can get answers to your questions. A lot of individuals want to use Ouija boards, candle rituals, and levitating tables but are these strategies real?

Ouija Boards can Provide Astonishing Intuition

Ouija boards are the perfect apparatus for answering an extensive variety of inquiries. This is because they possess every letter of the alphabet, number 0-9 and a simple yes or no. since they are easy to use, numerous individuals have used them without genuinely understanding how the device works.

Few people comprehend the science behind Ouija Boards despite them being famous since the late 19th century.

These boards are a subject to the ideomotor impact, which proposes that a clients’ biases or desires unwittingly direct the planchette no matter how you look at it this is in spite of them enabling clients to converse with creatures in different domains. This, therefore, implies that Ouija boards may not really be powerful devices for producing precisely psychic expectations, yet they could offer to understand into what clients think and need.

Candles can Link with the Spiritual

An extraordinary environment is perfect for a reading. That is what the best psychics comprehend. That’s the reason why many use a scope of instruments, including contemplation activities and homegrown implantations.

Candles have a while ago offered a pathway for interfacing with the spiritual that’s why others depend on them. Fire signifies life, and lighting candles can make an ethereal space and open an entrance to another domain after all. Candles may increase counselors’ divine mindfulness and they can also be used by psychics to link with a high cognizance.

Aims to a great extent shape the result of the ritual when candles are used. A guide is able to receive information about an intrigue if he or she starts a candle ritual with the aim of finding out about a particular individual or circumstance.

Levitating Tables Offer Historical Intrigue

Levitating tables rose up out of the spiritualist development in the late 19th century just like the Ouija boards. Levitation frequently appeared well known in séances, which a few mediums used to communicate with the divine world. Mediums who accomplished levitation frequently complained that the divine powers were controlling them yet this has not been determined.

A lot of psychic guides depend on different techniques to connect with the astral plane other than using levitating tables. For examples, numerous counsels use gems to sharpen their mystic capabilities, get to particular sorts of vitality, or even advance assurance.

Tools like tarot cards enable psychics to answer particular questions and give directions that are why others depend on them. Angel cards give understanding into connections, professions, and other critical issues while also offering spiritual access.

Each psychic advisor has his or her own strategy of getting into different domains and increasing significant experiences while some may use medium devices. Have a chat with a psychic to increase the first-hand encounter with medium tools and build up a feeling of what strategy best matches your queries and wants.


  1. The historical background of levitating tables adds a layer of depth to understanding how spiritual tools evolved. It raises questions about the intersection of cultural beliefs and the development of spiritual practices.

  2. The discussion about candles and their role in spiritual practices is intriguing. The emphasis on environment and intention aligns with broader practices in meditation and mindfulness, which could be the key to their effectiveness.

  3. It is interesting to see how different psychics prefer various tools based on their personal methodologies. This diversity in approaches suggests that the effectiveness of these tools may largely depend on the user’s belief and experience.

  4. I appreciate the detailed explanations regarding the ideomotor effect and its influence on the use of Ouija boards. It clarifies some misconceptions about how these devices function and why they are perceived as effective.

  5. The article provides an interesting perspective on various tools used for channeling and connecting with the spiritual world. It’s noteworthy to see the historical context and scientific explanations provided for each tool.


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