Meditating to be Stronger

Meditating to be Stronger

Chances are if you are reading this article that you are:

  • Wanting to be a psychic.
  • Feel that you are already a psychic.
  • Want to be stronger in your giftings.
  • Want to know your talents.
  • Want to have stronger powers.
  • Want to have more insight in life.

Psychic Meditation

Maybe you have meditated before and if you are spiritual, you might wonder more about what psychic meditation is.

There are different kinds of meditation that can help you to find your priorities in life. Regular meditation will help you to focus on getting your mind clear and to keep your spirit strong whereas psychic meditation helps you to know what your gifts are. This means you contact your spirit guides while you are meditating.

How to Practice Meditation

Some people use crystals when they meditate so that they can feel more drawn into the spirits world. When you use psychic meditation, it makes it easier when you have stones. Try to do these things to make your meditation stronger:

Make a Space

Make a quiet space that you can go and meditate in. This should be a sacred space to you and a place that is calm and collected. It should give you peace when you are there.

Once you create your space, you will feel your wellbeing is stronger. You will be able to get what is yours and you will know that your life is unique.

Get a Position

You have to pick whatever position you love when you meditate. This can be standing, sitting, laying. There are different ways you can do it and it has to be your choice.

Find chairs that are supportive and allow you to visualize roots growing out from your feet. Plant your feet firmly and receive what the guides want to tell you.


Pay attention to your breathing because it helps you to concentrate more. Focus on breathing exercises. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply and then let it out on the count of 5. Do this over and over.

Repeat this over many times until you are relaxed. If you do not know breathwork, look it up online and it will get easier.


Ask your guides to protect you while you are meditating. Ask them to keep you safe and to let you know what you need to know to grow and to become better.

Ask your guides to shine their light on you and to get rid of things that would cause you harm. Ask them to show you what your soul needs to know and what path to be on.


Tell your intentions when you go to meditate. If you want to increase your gifts, let your intentions be known. This is the best way that you can get results that you want.

Ask your guides to increase the things in your life that you want to increase.

Subconscious Thinking

Once you start really meditating, your vibrations will increase. You will be able to get messages from your guides or angels.

Meditation will help you to visualize things and you will be able to be specific on what you want. This will help you to access your spirit world.

Take Notes

Once you meditate, journal what you felt and saw. You will need to pay attention to things your body did. Think of the things you heard, smelled, or felt. Know what things you said.

You might have sublet things happen but you need to write them down so you can remember.

Ending It

Once you have meditated and you have gotten the messages you need. You have to close down the meditation and make sure you are grounded. When you don’t ground yourself, you become overloaded, and you are not able to come back into who you are.

You have to fold yourself back down and imagine a candle being blown out. Thank your guides for helping you and guiding you.

Once you ground yourself you will notice that your third eye will shut down and the energy will leave your body. Doing this keeps you grounded for other wok that you need to do in your life.


  1. This piece could be helpful for those looking to explore or enhance their psychic abilities through meditation. The practical steps, such as creating a meditation space and using crystals, are useful tips.

  2. The practical advice on maintaining a meditation journal and the process of grounding oneself post-meditation can be beneficial for those who are serious about their spiritual development.

  3. The article’s structured approach to psychic meditation, including breathing techniques and setting intentions, offers a pragmatic guide for novice and experienced meditators alike.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive guide to psychic meditation, with clear instructions on how to create a conducive environment for meditation. The emphasis on grounding oneself at the end is particularly insightful.

  5. The breakdown of meditation practices and their purposes is well-articulated. It’s interesting how the article ties regular meditation with specific psychic goals and outcomes.


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