Mantra’s Power


In the current world which is controlled by technology, there is a reduction in face to face communication.  Thoughtfully embracing the essential communication methods such as interpersonal communication can really help to bring the society together through the most ancient language on earth –Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the oldest language just as was stated by linguists. This, therefore, means that the contents of this language, scriptures, and mantras are old as well. One’s religion doesn’t matter as over thousands of years practitioners have been practicing mantras of all types.

Hindu is not a circular religion but a way of life. This is according to an old saying. Actually, all philosophies with “ism” endings such as Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism are always known as a way of life instead of circular religions. The fact that Sanskrit might be embedded somewhere in their language might be the reason why.

Sanskrit presents direct communication and a higher consciousness within us since its melodic, mathematical and spiritual. This, therefore, indicates that it is not only the oldest language. Vedic Philosophies says that revolving our lives around mantras has impacted positively on our growth and spiritual togetherness within us and even those that surround us. The Gita produced the mantras (meaning “song”) and the Vedas (meaning “scriptures”) making both of them songs of spirituality.

“Om” pronounced as (auuuum) is one of the ancient and most popular mantras. With less technicality, Om’s imagination is to the creator of creation be it Brahma or any lord of creation. Almost every mantra is initiated by the Om, for example, mediation and yoga. Om Shanti was well known in the 1960s due to the fact that it was the time of “flower power” and baby boomer era hence Krishna followers really bloomed.

Nowadays this recurrent spiritual mantra is not part of the religious practice this because due to a lot of technological revolutions we tend to neglect the fact that one on one communication between ourselves and higher consciousness is very essential.

Sometime back I had a client who had a problem with love her life and was really devastated such that she didn’t have peace and had a lot of family problems and financial constraints. For quite a number of days, she would contact for a revolution in her life. Her life was dominated by a lot of sadness anxiety and frustrations. There is this day she contacted me and I advised her to just say “Om Ganesh Namaha.” For two days anytime she felt anxious. Each of those three words has meanings. Om means requesting for divine intervention from the creator, Ganesh protects us from anything that might cause harm to us especially our mental health and Namaha although has a lot of meanings but when used in this context respecting my spirit as well as yours. God does not heal immediately, therefore, she wasn’t healed in 48 hours (2days). She, however, started feeling better. After repeating the mantra for like 90 days, she started being actively involved in job search since she wasn’t now bedridden. She now moved out and found her own place after staying with family and friends for a while. She is now happily married and heads one of the largest IT firms in the world. A lesson learned from this story is that mantras don’t showcase results immediately but it’s a process inside oneself.

We all portray different characteristics of the astrological sign, therefore, no one portrays only one sign. This according to Vedic Philosophies. These philosophies also pay much attention to astrological characteristics rather than astrological signs themselves. A Joyti or an astrologer are specialists of true astrological signs and constellations. Nevertheless this moon we are celebrating Gemini although ego is based upon the moon.

We must be able to do away with old negativity in our lives if we need divinity and discover a more clear pathway. Therefore we have to start with easy mantras before engaging the complex ones.

“Mithuna” is another name for Gemini which can be translated to mean couple or individuals who utter nice words although it might sound funny it’s not since that’s one of Gemini’s characteristics. Krishna always utters sweet words to women making it attach to Mithuna.

You can try these simple mantras:

“Om Shreeng Aing Sauh” (pronounced: Aum Shriing Aiing Sauha)

“Om Kleeng Krishnay ya Namaha” (pronounced: Aum Kliing Krishna Na ma ha)

The more an individual continuously recite mantras, the effect the pronunciation is felt. There is this one hard mantra some might want to try

“Om Naranaye Vidmahe Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat”

Vishnu is known for discovering problem-solving solutions, therefore, uttering the sentence above will invoke him.

In case everything fails just remember the easy mantra “Om Shanti Om”. It will definitely work. We will be able to be at peace if enough individuals harmonize this easy mantra.