Listening to Your Angels

Listening to Your Angels

Listening to Your AngelsAngels are there to communicate with you and to guide you.  They are there to help you in all the things that you do in your life.

What Are They?

Angels are spirit messengers that are sent to give you goodness.  They have never been human, and they will never be.  They are beings that bring love and unites you where you need to be united.  Angels have other bosses and there are upper angels.  Most angels are felt and they carry powers to keep you safe and protect you.

When you understand angels, you have to understand that they are kind and you have to learn to value them.


Angels can only contact you if you ask them to.  They will never push themselves on you.  When you find a feather, this is a sign that you have had an angel around you to remind you that they are there for you.  Tune in to what they say to you.

Angels can show themselves in formations such as clouds or other signs.  They can bring you peace and joy.  Angels can show up as flowers that revive after they die.

Angels like sound and when you play a special song or hear a song you haven’t heard for a while; it can be your angels giving you a song.  You can use crystals to attract angels and when you are open to them, you might feel their wings brush you.

Ask the angels to come to you and give you a sign.


You can create a space where you can call on your angels.  Choose something that is easy to cover and cover it with white cotton.  Put on candles and crystals that you like.  Put a picture out.  Call on a certain angel if you want to.  Use a color they like.

Use a clear quartz statue to get vibrational increases.  IT is possible to buy white wings or make your own and put them on your alter.

Tend to your alter and burn candles and put new flowers out.

Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is always there to keep you safe.  They like to be around you and you can try to make contact with them by putting out a crystal.  This can be angelate or selenite or other crystals that they like.

Place a trumpet on the alter and burn a joss stick.  Raise your vibrational frequencies by putting out candles and making it lit up.  Make the negative forces go away.  Burn a single white candle and relax while you are sitting there.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are climbing the stairs.  When you get to the top of the steps, let the light flood the area.  Be patient and wait.

You might hear a sound or see a figure as the angel approaches.  If you can, talk to your angel and if you can’t, don’t be upset about it.

Psychic work is an experience and you should write it down.  When you are finished, blow out the candle to affirm that you were there.


Archangels are powerful and will help you to solve problems and give you support.  They have strong energy and can associate with you and tune into you with different signs.  These angels can bring you joy, self-esteem and courage.  Use the crystal citrine and gold to attract them.


  • Standalone-Guardian of the earth makes you aware of your strength. Associated with green and brown and jade.
  • Metatron-light and helps you declutter your life. Associated with white and the diamond.
  • Gabriel-archangel of the moon brings fertility. Associated with gold, orange and the crystal beryl.
  • Michael-great warrior. He associated with yellow and blue and the crystal sapphire.
  • Raphael-healer. HE associates with green and the emerald.
  • Chamuel-healer of relationships. Associates with pink and the rose quartz.
  • Raziel-Lord of mysteries. Associates with indigo and obsidian.
  • Zadkiel-brings trust and kindness. Associates with violet and the amethyst.
  • Haniel-protector. Associates with turquoise.
  • Uriel-fire of god. Associates with red and the ruby.
  • Tzaphkiel-gift of nurturing. Associated with lilac and the purple fluorite.