How to Know If Your Psychic Is Real


The best psychic medium can be the distinction between a reading that takes your breath away, and one that is effortlessly overlooked. Here are some simple approaches to locate an astonishing psychic locally or on the web.

1. Ask Around

Going to spiritual mediums and psychic readers is a great deal less forbidden than it was years back, so don’t be hesitant to approach family or companions for referrals. My practice as a medium and natural reader built solely on word of mouth.

2. New Age Shops Can be a Great Resource

New age shops carry things like sage, tarot cards, etc. Most of these shops rent space to intuitive readers. Often, shop owners will seek out the very best psychic mediums and screen them by having a personal reading of their own.

Here’s what to do:

  • Ask the employees to recommend their best psychic medium (make sure you specify which type of reading you are looking for – mediumship, intuitive, etc.). If you have more than one shop in your area, go to the one with the best reputation. Don’t know which that is? It’s usually the one with the best vibe, has employees that are down to earth, and seems to get a good amount of customers.
  • Another option is to see if the shop offers any classes. Many times, the spiritual teachers who run the classes have good reputations and years of experience. This can be an easy way to find a best psychic medium in your area.

3. Know What You Want

The very first step at finding the best psychic medium is knowing what type of reading you want.

Remember, not all readers do the same things. Mediums will connect with your loved ones in spirit, while Akashic Record readers (my favorite type of reading!) usually won’t.

Some readers, like myself, offer different types of readings, such as a combined mediumship/intuitive reading. Yet others practice methods of divination such as tarot.

It would be a shame to set up an appointment with someone to connect with a loved one in heaven, and then find out that the reader only offers intuitive sessions.  Double check that the psychic you select suits your needs.

4. Let’s Talk Money: Price Does Not Always Equal Quality

Finding Best Psychic 2

I learned this lesson the hard way. I once paid $700 for a half hour reading (crazy, I know!) with a celebrity psychic and it was awful. Not only was there no connection between the reader and me, I honestly don’t think she was legitimate.

Price does not guarantee a good psychic reader. The ingredients that make someone a best psychic medium are:

  • experience
  • natural ability
  • study/training with a mentor
  • ethics
  • a good relationship with their own spirit guides and understanding how they best work with their own intuitive gifts (this is so important!)

5. There’s No Such Thing as a Psychic Emergency!

Don’t be in such a rush to have a reading that you leave yourself vulnerable to getting scammed. There are all sorts of scams out there ranging from those online and off. Take the time to find the right reader for you.

You really want to trust your gut in this process. If something feels off or funny about an intuitive reader, there is probably a reason.

If you find that you’re running to psychics often for advice or “hopping” from one psychic to another, take caution that you aren’t becoming addicted to psychics. You can learn about how often you should get psychic advice here.

6. See Who Popular Readers Recommend

Who are the best psychic mediums that you can think of right now? If you can’t afford to see that person, or if they have a very long waiting list, try this:

Check to see if they have a website. Sometimes, if they do, they will list other trusted readers on their site. Even some of the famous mediums and psychics have these resources on their sites.

7. Use Caution with Psychic HotlinesFinding Best Psychic 3

Some of the best psychic mediums can be found online.

I have one friend who is a wonderful psychic tarot reader and LOVES working for an online psychic service.

She chose this route because it allows her to use her gifts without having to worry about paying for office space or finding clients.  Plus, she can work while her kids are in school.  It works out really well!

Tip:  If you are going to work with an online psychic service, I would encourage you to read bios and reviews of the psychic BEFORE entering into a reading and spending money. 

8. Use Common Sense

It’s really easy to slap up a blog or Facebook page these days to sell intuitive services.

When searching for the best psychics online, read about their background and make sure that they have a professional looking website or blog. Personally, if I see a blog with a bunch of weird looking stuff I click my back button ASAP!

I would also recommend avoiding readers with names like “Madame So-and-So.” Fake names like this are usually not a great sign.

If something feels “off,” trust your gut and don’t make an appointment with that person.

9. Use Judgment when Making Use of Online “Best” Lists

Yes, there are some extensive best lists out there and they do a great job of weeding out the legitimate readers from the fakes.

Keep in mind though, that the readers listed on these sites often pay hefty monthly fees to be endorsed by that site. This fact is not always made clear to the public.

There are some people that were on the list in the past that are no longer on it because the promotional fees became too costly. All of a sudden it was like, poof, they’re gone!

Hispanic woman working in home office

I’ve actually had readings with four people from this list. They were all legitimate and ethical, but in my opinion, I have found other best psychic mediums that I prefer who are not on the list.

Sometimes, there may even be a fee structure on websites such as these – for example, a promoted reader would be promoted for X dollars, and a featured reader for a smaller fee. Others may list themselves for free on the site in exchange for placing a banner ad and link back to the original site.

These are all forms of legitimate marketing, but just be sure that the best psychic medium you choose actually is a best psychic medium. There are many legitimate and excellent intuitive readers on sites like this, but it’s a good idea to make sure you understand how the site works before assuming that everyone there is the best.


  1. The caution about pricing and the reminder that cost does not always correlate with quality is a valuable takeaway. It’s easy to be swayed by price tags in this industry.

  2. The reminder to use common sense and trust one’s instincts is particularly important. With so many options available, it’s crucial to be vigilant and intuitive when making a choice.

  3. I appreciate the emphasis on word-of-mouth and personal recommendations. Trusting someone else’s positive experience could be more reliable than online reviews alone.

  4. The advice on utilizing new age shops and their resources is practical. These shops often serve as community hubs for those seeking spiritual guidance.

  5. The article covers a broad range of methods to find a reputable psychic medium. It’s essential to approach this search with discernment and an understanding of the variety of services offered.


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