Is Your Psychic A Fraud?


fraud 3There are numerous Psychic Reading locales on the Internet nowadays, and all through the country you will discover heaps of weekend bug markets or deals that dependably have a Psychic in habitation. What with Clairvoyant, Medium or Psychic Painters offering their products, how would we know which one is certified or is in reality a scalawag?

In my town we often have Psychic Fairs, and I have visited them loads of times. Mainly to buy my Tarot Cards or pick out a piece of Silver jewelry that catches my eye. And on browsing around I see loads of different Readings, from Tarot Cards and Runes, to ghostly Psychic Drawings that tell you that the person the Psychic has drawn for you, is actually your great great grandmother. The point is, they all look so genuine.

And before I go on, I would like to add that I believe most of them really believe that their Gift is actually true. I doubt very much that someone would take up this profession without actually having some sort of Psychic experience. What I do believe is that they think they can do the Cards or speak to great aunt Elsie who lived years ago. But how do we know which one to pick?

Psychology, Suggestion, Manipulation

I have been reading the Tarot Cards ever since I was 16 years old. My whole life before that consisted of loads of different Psychic happenings that got me interested in why and how this sort of thing happened. It was a natural progression that made me want to try and help people by reading the Tarot Cards. Before I go on, I would like to add that I have studied Psychology for over four years, and I could have taken the last course and become a counselor.

So I am fully aware of the fact that a lot of Psychic Readings are nothing more than being able to ‘see’ what the person is like, read how they react, and be aware of the fact that they actually want to believe you, because they are paying you, and of course they want the excitement. Therefore they are very open to suggestion and can easily be manipulated into revealing information and then afterwards, thinking that actually they believe the Psychic is the one that told them this info.

Signs of Fraud

fraud 1 featuredFirst of all let’s address the fraud. This is blatantly a way to get as much money out of you as possible. The know they are fraudsters, all they want to do is manipulate you, and convince you that they are telling the truth.

So the first thing that you have to do when walking around a Psychic Fair for example, is to go and stand just outside of personal range as I call it, but make sure you can hear, see, and get the impression of what is true and what’s not. Not only will this tell you what’s going on, but you will be able to see whether the Psychic starts to look uncomfortable, giving you sidelong glances and fidgeting for example. I have seen this a number of times, and it’s a great give away.

Second, see how many times they repeat themselves. For example, do they ask for background info, and then throw it back at the recipient later in the conversation? By taking this initiative, it will be obvious that they are ‘fishing’ for information. By playing on the same words and conversation they are actually trying to make you remember the phrase or word that they have got right. They read people, its as simple as that. Also a real Psychic will not charge you too much money. Always go for the cheaper option, because the more expensive ones mean they have been doing this for years. Watch the Psychics face for a little smile or a sign of triumph. Its not hard to see. Count how many times they get something right, compared to what is wrong.

And don’t forget to listen into conversations after the recipient has left. Many frauds like to boast to someone that the reading has gone really well, and ‘I am such a good reader, etc’.

Fooling Themselves

A Psychic who believes that they are genuine will act with enthusiasm, treating the recipient with respect and smiling a lot. He or she will be so pleased with themselves when they get the answers right, that they tend to give themselves away by this action. Its as though they are guessing, and when it is clear they are spot on, will smile and preen. But what in fact they are doing is reading the person. Its not hard.

Take for example that the person getting the reading is a teenage girl. Its obvious that the Psychic will automatically start talking about boyfriends and school, or meeting a talk dark stranger at a nightclub! Bit of a give away! They will look all innocent and in fact believe that they have nothing to hide. But in fact they are just getting into the zone of the participant. Even a teenage girl will have other problems, so this is a great give away.

The Real McCoy Genuine Psychics

A real genuine Psychic will stand out a mile. If you know what to look for. He or she will only look at the Tarot Cards or the palm of your hand when doing Palm Reading. He/she will be concentrating so much on what they can see before them, they will not even take a look at the participant. Their concentration will be purely on the Reading. Listen in, and you will see that they talk about all sorts of family life, court cases, illnesses that can be proven by the participant, and things that have genuinely happened in the past. And more importantly, they will admit their mistake if they read it wrong.

If they are doing a Future Reading, and the participant totally disagrees, instead of trying to rectify their mistake, the Reader will turn and say something along the lines of, ‘well this is what I can see.

It may seem strange to you now, but I see this in your future whether you believe it or not’ In other words they won’t care if it sounds ‘out there’ or strange, they say what they see. Simple as that. A real genuine Psychic will also give you a written or taped text of the conversation. They won’t be afraid of any come backs because they believe in what they are saying. Once the participant has got over the initial suspicion, they will see that everything they have been told Is in fact true, or as near to the truth as can be. Even if the reading turns out to be completely wrong, they will still appreciate the fact that they Psychic tried their best and didn’t try to lie to them.

How To Act When Sitting For A Reading

You are paying a lot of money for your Tarot or Card reading. So do not give them any information. Never ever tell them anything about your past, where you live or how old you are. But the most important thing is to stay blank. Literally.

Sit comfortably in your chair, do not smile, move around or do anything that will let the Psychic read you. Even a small thing such as scratching your nose, will actually give off signals that they can read. Body language is a very easy thing to pick up on. And when they get something completely right, just nod and say yes or no to whether you understand what they mean. This way, you will be able to pick out the genuine from the fraud. All con artists use this ploy. You will totally stump them by keeping still, have a blank expression, and never ever give them info that they can work on. This is when they will show their true colors.

And the most important thing is to keep an open mind.

fraud 2I have been doing readings for years, If I get it wrong, I hold my hands up. I also tell them before I start that I read the Tarot Cards with a dash of Psychology to help them with a problem. If they ask me where the info comes from, I just hold my hands up and admit that I have no idea. I explain that it could either be a power from ‘beyond’ or a part of my brain that somehow picks up signals from the participant, even future readings, or something that scientists do no know yet.

And most important. The participants keep coming back. Because I tell the truth about my ‘powers’. Trust the participant, and most importantly they will trust you.

Have a great time with your Psychic Reading, and most importantly, never ever take it too seriously. Nobody knows the future, it is down to you. We are just there to help you see the choices that you can make.