Interpreting Visitation Dreams

Interpreting Visitation Dreams

Interpreting Visitation DreamsWhen we imagine dreaming or having visitations from our loved ones, it can make us nervous.  When we think about or dream about dead loved ones, we can take it as a warning, or they can want to give you information.

If you have someone in your family that is very sick, or if your relative is dead and wants to speak to you, you have to consider the power that this person has to come to you.

Businesspeople are sometimes not able to receive warnings and the spirit can come from eternity in the form of a dream in order to warn them to make the right moves.


When someone interprets a dream, this can be from a religious standpoint or it can be that the loved one has not found peace.

Some believe that this can happen because it is the end of your stage in life and you are accepting death of that part of your life.

If the person you are dreaming of has died recently, chances are that you are unmotivated to do things and you have a lot of fear and worry.  The dead relative can come to cheer you up and tell you things are okay.

If the person is doing an action, nothing has happened, but they have a strong role.  The dream means you miss them and want to see them.

If the person died, then they are trying to tell you something or warn you or bring you comfort.  You might feel lonely after they die, and they are trying to tell you that they are with you.


There are signs of a dream that can make you have a direct message, and these can be messages that say that they are trying to connect with you.

  1. The first sign is that the dream feels very real.
  2. You might experience a sensation that will make you feel peaceful and help you not to be worried or scared.
  3. They can bring you a clear message and sometimes they will show you symbols and have you guessing what you are seeing.
  4. People sometimes come to make you feel calm and healthy. If you are sick or injured, they might come so you are no longer sick or sad.
  5. They might come as younger than they were when they died.
  6. Since the dream seems real, the person might have a lot of experience. They might feel like they are touching you.
  7. The dreams might not make sense, but they might come in different orders. The sequence of the dreams can follow the way that the death came.
  8. If there is an action that was done, you will remember the dream and might even be able to describe everything that happened in the dream.

When someone comes that we know in a dream, it can be a sign of love and that they are watching over you.

If the dream leaves you nervous or uncertain, you can talk to a spiritual guide and have them help you to make sense of what you have seen.