How To Spot A Fake Psychic


      It’s true that majority of psychics are honest people that aim to use their gifts to help others and these psychics have a genuine wish to help people to move forwards with their lives. But let’s be honest, not every psychic working on the internet is honest, so when it comes to choosing a psychic reading, it’s very important to be aware of the various psychic scams that con artist use to cheat people ripped them of their money.

Our guide below provides you with everything you need to know about psychic scams and how to avoid psychic con artists.


Some dishonest psychics try to convince their clients that they’ve been cursed. Receiving this kind of news is frightening enough as it is, but a dishonest psychic will often develop the theme further, telling the client that the curse will bring them bad luck for a long time to come unless they allow the psychic to perform some sort of ritual or spell to remove the curse.

This is the moment that you’ll find out that removing the curse will cost you more money. By now, many people are so afraid of the potential for future bad luck, they’ve been hooked in by the scam and agree to pay the psychic an extra fee to get the curse removed. This scenario can also get worse, with some con artists trying to get more money from the client by telling them that an even more powerful spell or ritual than they initially thought is needed to remove the curse.

The only thing you need to know about curses is that they don’t exist. A curse will only “seem” to exist if you believe in it. This is what the psychic scammer wants of course – for you to believe in curses – that way they will continue to hold power over you and may be able to extract more money from you.

Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine, if we believe in something enough, we can make things fit in such a way that we believe the impossible to be true. Disregard anyone who tells you that you have been cursed. Every one of us experiences bad luck in our lives at some point – this is never down to a curse – it’s just an inevitable part of life.

A variation on the curse scam is when a dishonest psychic tells you that you’ve been possessed by a demon or supernatural being. This scam works in the same way – it feeds into your fears – do not believe a psychic that tells you that you have been possessed in such a way. It simply isn’t true.

Love Spells

If you’re suffering after the break up of a relationship, you may be particularly vulnerable to psychic scams. It can be devastating when a love relationship breaks down, particularly if you’re still in love with the other person, but they have moved on.

When in this frame of mind, some people turn to love psychics to help them find out what went so wrong. If a dishonest psychic picks up on the fact that you’re still hopelessly in love with an ex-partner, he or she may try to convince you that you can win that person back with the help of a love spell. Again, this will cost you extra, and the chance is that any spell performed on your behalf will be ineffective if your partner truly has moved on with their life.

Hard as it may be to accept, no psychic can bring your ex-lover back if he or she no longer wants to be in that relationship. Genuine love psychics will help you to understand why the relationship came to an end and advise you on ways that you too can move on; they may also be able to reveal to you a point in the future when a new love partner will enter your life.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t part with your money in the hope that a lost love will come back to you. It’s highly likely that you’ll just be wasting your money and that the psychic scammer has profited from your misery.

Hooking in and stringing along

The hooking in and stringing along scam is another technique used by dishonest psychics, the aim being to part you from your money. In this scam, you may receive a good first reading from your psychic; this is how they gain your trust. However, towards the end of the reading the psychic will tell you that they have seen something very important that they need to tell you but, unfortunately, your time is now up and you’ll need to book another reading to receive this important piece of information.

This information could be something exciting; you may be told that the psychic has seen a huge fortune coming into your life or that your soul mate is ready to appear. By now, you’re hooked in to wanting to know more so you book another reading and guess what? At the end of the second reading, the psychic will tell you that there is more you need to know, such as where to go to meet your soul mate or what you can do to get your hands on this large sum of money. So you book another reading, and so on…

Some unscrupulous psychics string people along with endless readings that always end with the promise of more. They can make a fortune themselves from you if you fall for such a tactic. Be wary of any psychic that claims to know where your soul mate is hiding out or how you can make lots of money. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Planting the seeds of fear

A darker variation of the hooking in and stringing along scam is when the psychic ends the reading, often in a dramatic way, by telling you that they have seen something bad in your future and need to tell you how to prevent something terrible from happening.

This version of the scam works by planting the seeds of fear in your mind and it can be tempting to believe that the psychic has your best interests at heart. They don’t, and it’s important that you cut off all contact with any psychic that makes you feel afraid or tries to threaten you in any way. They do this to trick you into booking more readings and ultimately only want to part you with your cash.

How to avoid psychic scams

If a psychic makes you feel afraid in any way, the best advice is to end the conversation immediately and put all thoughts of the conversation out of your mind. Never speak to that psychic again. To avoid a psychic scam in the first place, it’s best to choose a psychic working from a reputable psychic network such as – psychics working from this website have been checked for their suitability to perform psychic readings, and are tested before being allowed to give readings.

Psychic scams can cost you financially and cause you a great deal of unnecessary stress and worry. An honest psychic working from a reputable network aims to help you move forwards with your life; they don’t want to see you stuck in a state of fear. Choosing high-quality psychic readers from a reputable network, means that you’ll get a reading that is positive, uplifting and also good value for money.