How Some Psychics are Scamming You

How Some Psychics are Scamming You

There are many real psychics out there but there are also psychics that are fake. They are out to scam you and if you learn to watch for these red flags, you will be able to protect yourself.

Here are some things that might happen with a psychic scammer:

  • They will tell you that you are cursed.
  • They will spam you with emails.
  • They will socially profile you.
  • They will say that they can give you good luck.

Scam 1

You need to make sure that you listen to what your psychic is saying and pay attention. A fake psychic will try to tell you that you have a curse on you and that they need to remove it from you.

This kind of psychic might even try to charge you more money to get rid of the hex. This will end up costing you all kinds of money for your reading.

Scam 2

The second scam is the emails that they are spamming you with. They will send emails to try to tell you that they are clairvoyant or tarot readers and this is not real, and they are scamming you.

A real psychic will not do this and if a psychic is spamming you, don’t even open the email and delete it right away.

Scam 3

Social profile skimming happens when someone tries to give you fake information that looks real. They will try to get information about you and say things are about you when it isn’t even about you at all.

They will post information on your social media or online and they will get this information off of your profile to trick you into thinking they are real.

Scam 4

A psychic scammer will tell you that you are going to have good luck. They will promise you good luck and they will tell you that you are going to have a lot of money come to you.

They will tell you that you can do love spells or other spells to get what you want. If you are struggling with your relationships, this kind of psychic will scam you into buying their spells.

This is a trick that is often used by fake psychics.

Knowing a Real Psychic

There are ways that you can find a real psychic and here is how:

  • Find out what company they work for and see if they have any complaints filed against them.
  • Be careful about their terms and conditions and see if they are going to charge you extra for anything.
  • Make a payment that is secure on a secure website. Do not give out your payment account or your credit card information.
  • Don’t use a premium phone number. These are actually illegal in the United States.
  • Find an online psychic network that has customer reviews. Most psychics will give you free minutes.

Questions for Psychics

If you get a reading, you will be able to ask things about your life, relationships, and career. You can ask about your health and about money. Try to avoid questions that are big or ones that are yes or no questions.

Your psychic can lead you in the right reading and they can direct your questioning. They can challenge you to ask questions that are open ended.

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • What is my future looking like?
  • Are there any changes that are about to happen in my life?
  • What does my health look like?
  • What kind of job will come to me?

Knowing a Fake Psychic

You need to pay attention to the psychic services that you find. There are many online scammers that just want to get your money. Find a psychic that has real skills and do not fall into a scam.

You need to use your intuition to follow your gut and make sure that you realize that there are many psychic sources available. Search and find a psychic that will help you and will not cheat you.