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How Much to Pay a Psychic?

download (7)Most of my clients ask how much to pay a psychic. What I usually tell them is “A higher price does not mean a better psychic.” Knowing how much to pay based on the varying gifts of a psychic is very important in order to choose a reading that is right for you. You may do a research based on intuitive, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and medium.

You must also beware of the common psychic scams. A genuine psychic reading should be talking about you and not something to threaten you.

How much should you pay? There are several things that you should consider here. First of all not only are you paying for the psychic’s time, but their energy as well. (Yes, it does take from your energy to perform readings.)

Other factors that you may want to consider are that most psychics operate as a general business. With that said, just like any other business they have expenses. From the IRS, advertising to health care.

68_030605_phonepsychic_main.jpg.CROP.original-originalPsychic reading by phone are often preferred nowadays for the convenience. With this service come phone bills and huge connection fees, also well-known business expenses. There is no difference in getting a reading over the phone verses in person. It is the energy that we read.

For those that use psychic services or call psychic hotlines, it is important for you to know that the psychic you are speaking to is probably actually paid very little. If it is a service that you choose, than choose wisely! Some of these services actually advertise to work at home moms, where they will make anyone a psychic. Other services go through great lengths to test and verify a psychic.

If you factor in all of the above, you can probably determine a price that you would consider “within reason.” This is the best way to determine what you should pay.

113T217_the-people-can-register-for-free-without-paying-any-credit-card_05I am not impressed with psychics that have appeared on television that are now charging anywhere from $100 to $300 for a reading. This is completely taking advantage of people. If supply and demand is a problem, than they should establish a waiting list.

Also remember that you should not send a psychic cash or money via Western Union. Paypal is the preferred choice as they act the same as a credit card company.

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