Honoring Your Dead Loved Ones

Honoring Your Dead Loved Ones

People have lost loved ones and friends and during Halloween time, you can take time to eat and to have reverence for those that have died.

According to the West, the “Day of the Dead,” is something that is celebrated in November and this is a time where people go to celebrate their loved ones that have died. They often will go to a cemetery in order to celebrate and have a feast and celebration.

If you want to honor your loved ones that have passed over to the other side, you can do this by lighting candles or by putting out pictures of them from their life.

You can also take time to play their favorite music and to prepare a feast with their favorite drinks and food. You can make a dinner and keep a place for them open at your dinner table.

It is important at this time that you take time to tell stories about your loved one and to be personal with them.

If you want to be more personal, you can find out what your sun sign tells you during this time:


You love life and you will give your life for others. You want people to be honored and this is a great time for you to honor those that have died protecting your state and community.


You will feel that your loved ones loved to go outside, and you will want to keep your garden or go out in nature. You will walk out on the beach and you will make a shrine of pictures and notes in order to honor them.


You want to speak the truth and you will use your creativity to have visions of your loved one.


You will want to connect with Samhain and Jupiter, and this is a time of celebration. You will learn to listen to the promises that you have made, and your loved ones have made to you.


You have a future, and you know that your children need to know about their ancestors. You will be about people and will be creative in your life.


You are connected to the earth and you will take the knowledge that your ancestors have so that it can nurture you and help you to organize your life effectively.


You relate well to others and you want to help those that are suffering or people that need you. You will take time at this part of your life to help others and to connect with them.


The Scorpio is part of you that you don’t understand. They are the root of your being and they want you to connect with nature.


This is where you learn about rebirth and that you take teachings of those that have passed on. This means that you have new things to share and that you want to talk about your wisdom of your past and future.


You are a Sea-Goat sign, and you are evolving. You are connected to your past life and you want to share your source and the universe with others.


You find those in public that you want to talk to about your past, present and future.

You know your roots and you know what you need to learn and how to serve others.


This sign is an inspiring sign, and you use your talents to reach between your physical and spiritual life. You communicate clearly and you are able to express yourself.


Remember, astrology can play an important role in your life. The year you were born, and your birth chart can share your hobbies, talents, and moods. If you need to get a reading about your sign, you can ask about your past, present and future.