Healing Yourself from the Evil Eye

Healing Yourself from the Evil Eye

The evil eye is a staple in folklore from around the world.  Many cultures warn people about the dire consequence one experiences if it is placed upon them.  Some of the negative effects of the evil eye can range from bad luck to illness, from money woes to broken relationships to social exile.

The evil eye is a direct look from someone who is processing envy or jealousy.  People can either knowing or unknowing cast it, but the follow out can have long-lasting rippling effects.  Often people or families associated with having the power of the evil eye will be treated like bad news, with society perceiving everything and everyone they encounter as facing misfortune.

Malicious Evil Eye

Commonly called “overlooking,” this spell work seeks to cause deliberate suffering to the target.  In European countries farmers who lost a large percentage of their crops would attribute the “bad luck” to someone who looked a bit “off,” especially if they had different colored eyes.  Children would be hid by parents for fear of a curse being laid upon them that would linger for years if not decades.  People accused of wielding the power of the evil eye, whether knowingly or unknowingly, were treated as criminals and often sentenced to death.

Protection Methods

Most commonly protects against the evil eye, were amulets called nazars.  Frequently these amulets are blue owing to a tradition dating back to Egypt where the amulets were made from clay containing cobalt and copper, which turned blued after being heated in the kiln.  Today’s amulets are blue glass charms worn as jewelry and can be set in a background of yellow or gold.


In many cultures a belief in this phenomenon is so strong people live in constant fear.  Modern Turks commonly bring a newborn child a nazar as a gift as a way to ensure its life is happy and successful.  Belief in the power in the evil eye is essential for it to affect a person.  When you reject the concept, you block the negativity energy from accessing your personal field.  What you believe to be true will manifest in your life.  Therefore, people that believe in the evil eye will attribute misfortunes ranging from small to large to its power.


Each culture has unique traditions to remove the curse, but the first protection is to prevent the maliciousness from occurring in the first place.  Be leery and avoid anyone who asks for money to remove the burden from you.  The best person to turn to would be a trust religious leader for advice and guidance.  If you aren’t a member of a religious group or practice magic alone, there are self removal rituals you can conduct at home.  This at home ritual has the benefit of letting you be open to altering your belief structure.  When you open yourself to spiritual evolution, you can negate and neutralize the effects of the attack due to the fact you no longer are entranced by its power.

Self Protection Ritual

Gather a votive candle, scrap of paper and writing utensil.  Since you are going to be burning the paper, make sure you practice your ritual in a safe space that doesn’t pose a fire risk.

Step 1:  If you believe a specific person cursed you with the evil eye, write their name on one side of the paper.  If you don’t know a particular person, leave the side blank

Step 2:  On the other side, write “I am protected. I am free. I compel this curse to let me be.”

Step 3: Sit and picture the curse as a small dark cloud, allow it to lift and dissipate into the blue sky.  See yourself curse-free, accomplishing your daily life making sound choices and decisions.

Step 4:  Light the candle, and repeat the words from Step 2

Step 5:  Gently hold the paper to the candle flame and allow it to burn.  As it burns, picture the curse being purified by the smoke and release any negativity from your life and those you love.

Final Step:  Enjoy the feeling of relief and promise for bright and more prosperous tomorrows.