Having Recurring Dreams

Having Recurring Dreams

People sometimes dream over and over again the same dream and they never understand why.  They might be curious and want to know what these dreams are meant to be.  The thing about dreamers is that we have a repetitive nature and when we dream, we sometimes dream because there is a special message behind the dream.


If you dream about an image or a number, this could be an object that something is trying to show you.  This can be the deeper part of us that is wanting to explore and to understand what is going on.  This can be a sign that your spiritual guides are trying to give you a message or get you to pay attention.

Recurring Dream

Recurring dreams show that there is something that we need to do or resolve in our life.  If we keep having a nightmare, this can be something we need to change.


Our psyche is there to help us to understand things and to deal with things in our life.  Things can be symbolic and can mean something to us that we don’t understand at first.  This can be something that is personal and unique to each of us.

Childhood Dreaming

When we dream about our childhood, we sometimes have business that we need to resolve with our family or our past.  We can figure out if we need to do something drastic based on the emotion of the dream.  If the dream is full of emotion, something needs to be changed or completed.


When you dream, something is trying to give you a sign and it could be a sign to be brave or a sign to make a change.  When we resist it, the dream can keep coming and not allow us to run away.  We have to be willing to face whatever our dreams tell us to face and this can help us to be safe and secure.


After some kind of loss or trauma, we might dream about someone.  This can be a dream that causes us to have a lot of emotion because we are sad or sensitive.  If the dream makes you upset, this can be a strong situation and can cause your vibrational frequency to lower.  This will eventually fade.

If you dream over and over again, chances are you have left something behind, and you need to retrieve it in order to be whole again.


If you have a hard time understanding your dreams and you want to know more about them, go and see a psychic or a medium and have a reading done with them.

Chances are, someone else can give you more insight on what has happened in your life and can help you to figure out what you are missing and why you keep having the same dream over and over again.

Do not be fearful and if you find that you are afraid, call out to your spirit guides to protect you.


  1. The article highlights the significance of recurring dreams and suggests that they might carry important messages. It’s intriguing to think about how our subconscious communicates with us through dreams.

  2. While the idea of seeking help from psychics or mediums is mentioned, it’s important to approach such suggestions with a critical mind. There should be a balance between psychological and spiritual understanding.

  3. I appreciate the explanation of recurring dreams. It makes sense that unresolved issues could manifest in this way.

    • Yes, unresolved issues in our waking life often find a way into our dreams. This perspective is quite enlightening.

  4. The connection between dreams and childhood experiences is quite compelling. It suggests that our past continues to influence our present more than we might realize.

  5. The concept of dreams serving as signs or messages from our psyche or spirit guides is thought-provoking. This view can offer valuable insights into our inner selves.


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