Figuring Out Alternatives to Blocker Spells

Blocker Spells

Spell blockers that tell you that you can block out your emotions are things that can be dangerous to your mental and even your physical health. Spell blockers, even when they tell you that they can, will never be able to help you to get rid of emotions that you have and will only suppress them and block them. When you are not able to feel your emotions, it can cause you to not be able to improve your life and it can end up causing you more problems that you never imagined.

You need to avoid this, and you need to make sure that you are not using feeling blocker spells in any situation. Even if you have painful emotions that you are dealing with, you will be stuck feeling terrible in your life if you choose to do these spells. There are other ways that you can deal with these painful emotions without having to use these kinds of spells.

What to Do Instead

So, once you realize you should never, no matter what, use a feeling blocker, then you need to know what you can do when your emotions are not resolved.  When you are dealing with strong emotions, you might feel that the only thing that you can do is to use a feeling blocker spell, but this is a bad choice. You need to know what you can do in your life to deal with thing when your emotions seem out of control.

Feeling blockers are not the only spells that you can use to help you in emotional times. There are spells that you can use to deal with different emotions but there are also other things besides spells that you can try that can help to make you feel better. These are ways that do not need magic.


One of the best things that you can do in your life is to journal. This is something that people often say to turn to and when you are struggling with something such as your emotions, you can start to journal, and this can help you to know what you are feeling. Feelings are not always unresolvable even if they feel like it but what happens is that most of the time you don’t understand the feeling and what is causing it. You can never stop these feelings from being in control if you are not able to understand what is going on inside of you.

Journaling is one way that you can work on your emotions. When something is strong inside of you and you are feeling strong emotions, journaling is a way that you can write down everything you are thinking and feeling and get your emotions all out on paper. Then you can look at it later and see what your emotions are trying to tell you. If you have a certain emotion that you are always feeling and you want to know why, you are going to be closer to find out when you write things down.

You don’t have to write if you don’t like to, but you can even do a digital journal or type your feelings on the laptop. Do whatever you can to put your feelings out on paper instead of keeping them hidden.

Feel the Emotion

A lot of problems that people have is that they choose to run and hide the emotions instead of dealing with them. You want to escape it because it is something that feels bad and negative, and you don’t want to feel these feelings.

The emotion will be something that comes from your subconscious in order to tell you what is going on in your life. There is nothing bad or wrong with the way that your mind tries to talk to you but when you choose to run away from the emotion instead of understanding what it is trying to tell you then you will never resolve the problem. You have to learn to understand what your mind is trying to tell you.

You don’t want to embrace the negative emotions normally and so people will hide them or will push them away. This makes the emotion get stronger and louder and it can become so uncomfortable that it causes you to run even faster and harder. This becomes a pattern.

Imagine that you have someone in your life that never answers you when you talk to them. You find that when you are around them that they ignore you and it makes you feel annoyed and angry. What can you do? You can keep getting louder to the point where you are shouting and showing yourself so that they will eventually listen to you. This is exactly what your feelings are trying to show you.

When you choose to ignore them, they get louder and louder as you run further and further. They will do this until you choose to take a step back and listen to what they are trying to tell you.

You have to stop running and you have to learn to listen to your emotion and find out what it is trying to say to you. Once you do this, the emotion no longer has to be pushy, but it can tell you what is going on in your life and causing you to have these feelings. You can then do what you need to do in order to make sure that you are listening and solving the problems that cause the emotion.

You have to stop allowing yourself to be distracted so that you don’t have to listen to your feelings. You have to be uncomfortable with your emotions and feel them. Just shutting them out will not make them go away they will just become more uncomfortable as time goes on.

Your feelings might scare you and might make you have pain, but the truth is that if you don’t start listening to them then you are going to get to the point where your emotions are going to make life too hard for you to even bare. You have to start listening so that your emotion can be handled the right way.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is important because it is something that everyone needs to do in their life. Shadow work is the work that you do to find out what parts of you are hidden and what parts of you that you are ashamed of so that you can embrace them and face them.

The way that you live is part of your life and your subconscious mind will work each day to limit what you show and who you show people that you are. When you have emotions that you have hidden, chances are that you have had traumatic things happen to you that you have never faced.

Shadow work is not something that is fun or easy and it is not something that most people even like, but it is the way that you can find out what emotions are holding you back and what blockages you have in your life. When you don’t know what your emotions are doing, use shadow work to face your emotions.

Shadow work is one of the many tools that you can use to get your subconscious mind strong. You need to do this so that you can resolve emotions that are holding you back.

Parts work is one thing that you can do with shadow work, and this is a concept that you let your mind bring pieces of painful memories and emotions together so that you can let them back into your life slowly. Parts work is a way that you can speak to each of these different parts and find a way to make them better. This takes energy and when you are channeling parts of your life that are hard, you will see that you can find the things that you need to resolve.

Shamanic journeying or dreamwork is another way that you can work with your subconscious mind to do shadow work. This is an experience that will seem wild to you, and it can even be something that you have to interpret. When you are looking at journeying or dreaming, you will often have to find people that can teach you more on the subject because it can be symbolic.

Dreamwork can be used with herbs, meditation or even crystals. You can use these items in order to remember things such as your dreams or things that have happened to you. Once you remember something, you write it down and then you take time to interpret what you have written down and find out what it means.

You may have to go and find dream journals, or you might have to find dictionaries that can help you to find out what you are seeing. When you sleep, your mind sleeps but your subconscious mind is awake and is processing things. The closer you look at your subconscious mind the more insight you can get on who you are and what your dreamwork is doing. This is another time to start journaling so that you can write it all down.

Spells for Emotions

Even though it is never good to use feeling blockers because these block your emotions, there are other spells that you can use that will do something totally different. There are two spells that can be very helpful when you are dealing with your emotions that are too hard for you to face.

The first spell will help you to know what emotion you are dealing with. Instead of removing the emotion or hiding it, it will help you to look at the emotion head on and know what the emotion is trying to tell you. This is a way that you can change what your mind is showing you and your strong feelings.

The spell like this will take your emotions that you are having a hard time with, and it will help you to be brave enough to face it. It will help you to have more compassion on your life. It will help you to find out what you can do to make this emotion better and to give it power to process what you need to do.

There are different kinds of magic that you can use for this, and it will help you to learn to express yourself and to get your feelings out. This doesn’t mean that you will get rid of that emotion right away, but it does mean that you will improve as you move forward.

When you do this, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with that emotion again but what it does mean is when the emotion comes back up then you will feel safer as you deal with it. This will help you not to ignore what you are feeling and not to try to get rid of the feelings altogether.

Spells that are used for shadow work are good for this because they help you in your mind. They are there to help you to face your emotions so that you can understand them and why you are facing these hard times.

Spells that Make You Feel Better

Another kind of spell that can be used for emotions is a spell that helps you to solve what you are going through. This kind of spell will not focus as much on your emotions, but it will focus on your reality. It will show you that emotions that you have in your life are creating your reality.

If you are struggling with emotions because of a breakup from your partner, chances are you feel that your heart is broken, and you are sad or angry because you never wanted them to leave you. Now even though you don’t want to make that person come back to you if they don’t want to, you still have to deal with these emotions. You can learn to do spells that will help you to know what you are feeling and will help you to be able to have other people come into your life that can help to make you feel better and can take away your feelings of loss.

Once you are able to get rid of your loss and your feelings of loneliness, you will see that you can connect with others and feel better.

If you have someone in your life that is always getting on your nerves such as a roommate, you can talk to them but if they are always doing things to bother you or always crossing your boundaries, you can find that you feel angry at them all the time because they are doing things like this. Instead of trying to control your anger, you can do a spell to help you to find a new roommate and then you will find that you can find someone that doesn’t make you angry or you can do a spell to make the house be just for you with no roommate.

If you are in a situation that you don’t feel like you can work through it, there are spells that can help you to change the situation to help you feel better by using things on the outside of the situation. This can help you to get rid of that negative emotion that is always tied to that situation.

Know Your Situation

If you find that nothing will seem to help you to deal with your emotions, you need to find out what is causing you to feel the way that you do. There are books, blogs, articles and more that can help you to find out what your emotions are causing you and what the problem in your life is.

When you have a hard time with boundaries, chances are that you need to find a book to teach you how to set better boundaries and what you can do when people don’t respect them. You can find out what you need to help you rather you are dealing with heartbreak, anger, sadness, or something totally different. This can help you to deal with that situation and that emotion and to help you to move forward.

Someone that struggles with things such as attachment styles that are negative, you might see that there are ways that you can create secure attachments and you can move forward to deal with these things. If you are struggling because you have lost someone that you love, you might need to deal with grief and there are many programs that can help you with this.

Remember, there are things out there that can help you if you are hurting or you are struggling with something in your life. If you don’t like to read, try something like an online video or a podcast. You can work through things on your own with the resources at your hands but if you find that you are struggling even with these resources, try something else.

There are many counselors and therapists that you can find that you can talk to so that they can help you. You can find books and everything you need online, and they are right at the tips of your fingers to help you through life. Find out what you need and get the help so that you can move forward in life with happiness and peace.


Emotions can be very hard to deal with but when you don’t know what to do, know one thing and that is that hiding and shutting down your emotions is one things that will only cause you more pain later in life. You have to learn to face your emotions and learn to deal with things that you want to change.

You must face your reality in each situation and your emotions are there to help you to change and help you to conquer the world. They are the ways that your life is created, and they help you to know what you need and what you should avoid in your life.

People become witches because they want to better their lives and they don’t want to fail. When you learn to listen to your feelings, and you learn to embrace them and better yourself then you will see that you can get the guidance that you need, and you can use magic to transform your life from something negative to something positive.