Emotional Vampires Drain Your Energy and How to Stop It from Happening

Emotional Vampires

There are people that you will meet in your life that cause you to feel stressed and make you want to run away. These people are often called emotional vampires. These people can be coworkers, family members and even friends.

You need to learn how to spot these kinds of people and how you can stop them from ruining your life.

Antisocial People

Here are the traits of antisocial people:

  • Cute
  • Want to have excitement in their social settings.
  • Get bored easily.
  • Figures out secrets.
  • Have no worry or doubt about what they do.
  • Live life in the now.
  • Are cool when things get heated.
  • Will start over anytime.
  • Can be bullies.
  • Can intimidate others.
  • Have no morals.
  • Make you feel on edge when you are around them.

The actions of antisocial people can trick you and they can be very manipulative, but they hide them well. These people are able to hold secrets for you, but they will use your secrets against you. They expect you to follow their own rules even when they don’t tell you what they are.

These are people that make promises that they can never keep just to impress someone or to try to win over a client or make a deal.


The best thing that you can do about these people is ask them why they want you to do certain things and how these things will work out for you.


Here are the traits of histrionic people:

  • They put on a show and want attention.
  • Always seeking approval.
  • Are extroverted.
  • Want an audience in all they do.

Pretend to be the good guy when things are good but then become the victim.

  • Think that people can make problems leave if they are motivated.
  • They cause conflict by not handling or solving problems.
  • Do not like details.
  • Hate to look at things from the bigger picture.
  • Gossip and love to hear secrets.
  • Cannot keep secrets.
  • Have a hard time communicating.
  • Are passive aggressive.
  • Respond to stress by giving up or being sick.
  • Make you feel unclear about what they want.

These people will be nice but if you don’t give them the attention that they want they will turn on you. They will not make sense in what they say.

These are people that have a hard time being moral and they will not motivate you in the right ways to see things get done.


The best thing that you can do is to treat them kindly and show them that you are learning who they are. Let them tell you what they want from you instead of blaming them.


Here are the traits of the Narcissist people:

  • They show their intelligence but will ignore you once you see that they are smart.
  • They want to win.
  • Will give you attention if you say you are great.
  • They want to have strong fantasies in life.
  • They feel entitled to everything everyone has.
  • Has no empathy or compassion for others.
  • They want more and more and nothing is ever enough.
  • They will do whatever it takes to make you notice them.
  • They will hate you if you think you are better than them.

These are people that will pretend to be your friend as long as they are getting something out of it. They will fake things and will never be able to be trusted. They are people that make things bigger than they are.

These are people that will show off things such as their office or the pile of work that they did.


The best defense you can take against this kind of personality is to be consistent in what you tell them. Never give into what they want and never cover if they mess up. Give them the resources that they need to know things after they need to know things and not before they need to learn it.

Obsessive Compulsive People

Here are the traits of these people:

  • Want things perfect.
  • Control every detail.
  • Takes a long time to decide on things.
  • Wants to be praised.
  • Are reliable.
  • Will follow everything in black and white.
  • Will not bother you unless you try to take their control.
  • Want people to do things perfectly.

These are people that set the dynamics of what needs to be done but they are always stressed and overwhelmed. They will focus on what is getting done and not what it takes to make it work. They want people to do things to the book.

They are people that will remind you of everything and will point out if you do something wrong. They always come early and stay late, and they are well-organized.


In order to defend against them, ask them for advice and give credit to people that help you. Once you praise, say what you have to say truthfully.

Paranoid People

Here are the traits of these people:

  • Don’t see anything valuable.
  • Always want to clarify the truth.
  • Looking to get away from strong rules.
  • Have a hard time with ambiguity.
  • Thinks that everything is for a purpose.
  • You never know what they will do next.
  • They don’t forgive easy.
  • They never trust you.
  • They look down on people that come into their area that they don’t know.
  • They feel that they are mistreated, or their group is.
  • They will make you promises.

These are people that believe in certain things, and they are always thinking everyone is against them. They don’t think people should speak up against them and if you do then they will not be friends with you anymore.

These are people that will go and talk to management but will find that they never get things done and will always try to find a way around following the rules.


The best defense you can take against this is to not hide things from them and be loyal if you can.

Stopping Vampires

There are people that are emotional vampires all around you. These people are immature and irrational. They function based on their emotions and even though you might have to deal with these people, you need to be slow and rational when you see their behaviors in most situations.

Always try to stay cool and to keep your eyes on what you need to get done and not what they try to make you see.