Eight Ways to Bring Out the Psychic in You

Eight Ways to Bring Out the Psychic in You

People constantly think about exercising their bodies, but forget they can exercise their minds too. Some of those exercises help you access your latent psychic abilities. Surprisingly, there are many small things you can do to open up your mind and allow psychic abilities to thrive.

Not only will these eight simple exercises help you discover abilities you didn’t know you had, but they will help clear your mind of the unnecessary clutter that leads to stress and anxiety.

Hide and Seek

Have a friend hide a favorite thing of yours that you use several times a day. Don’t try to actively look for it, but try to sense where it is and keep guessing until you get it right. In this, try to connect with the item’s energy to find it.

 The Energy Ball

This involves some imagination. Hold out your hands in front of you and think of holding a ball full of energy in them. As you sense the warmth of it, move your hands around it. Move your hands in and out to see if you continue to feel it.


This tests your internal knowledge of a person. Have a person you don’t know well bring you an important object from their life. Hold it and close your eyes. Ask yourself questions about the person and see if feeling the energy of the object can give you the answers. Write down your answers and then ask the person how correct you were.


Meditating daily raises your energy vibration and clears your head for new energy. It will leave you connected to energy larger than yourself and could leave you with knowledge about yourself.

Create a Symbol Book

Take a notebook and write down symbols that you see in your dreams. Also, ask yourself questions out loud and write down the first symbol that comes into your mind.

Pay attention to your Aura

Exploring your aura and all the feelings that come with that help exercise your psychic abilities. You explore your aura by taking your palms and putting them two to three inches away from your body. Now, feel the energy. You may have several sensations, but tingling and heat are common. Move your palms around your body and try to keep the sensation going. This is how you feel the presence of your energy field called the aura.

Flower visualization.

Practicing visualization will help in developing your psychic abilities. This is particularly true of clairvoyance. Doing flower visualization is simple. Put several types of flowers in front of you and close your eyes. Try to picture each in heavy detail. Once you are done with one, move to another.

Ground yourself.

This one is best done outside, although it can be done anywhere. It is another exercise that requires imagination. You think of a cord starting at the top of your head, running down your spine and through your feet into the earth. You will start to feel connected to the planet and the universe. This should bring you a sense of peace.

It may seem strange to do these simple things, but experts claim these exercises will open your mind and help you access the natural psychic abilities we all possess. They will also provide ways of destressing your life and help put things into perspective.


  1. Engaging in activities like these might offer an unconventional way to improve mental well-being. It’s worth considering for those looking to try new methods of relaxation and mental stimulation.

  2. It’s an unusual perspective on mental health, but it emphasizes the importance of mental exercise. The practical benefits, such as reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity, make these exercises worth exploring.

  3. I found the exercises mentioned to be quite innovative. Incorporating such practices into one’s routine could potentially enhance self-awareness and mindfulness.

  4. The notion of using everyday activities to tap into latent mental abilities is intriguing. Even if one remains skeptical about psychic abilities, the exercises could still have value in fostering a more focused and stress-free mind.

  5. The article provides an interesting approach to mental exercises. While not everyone may believe in psychic abilities, these activities can nonetheless be beneficial for mental clarity and stress relief.


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