Effects of Lightning on our Spiritual Health


Unlock your emotions and get back your personal power

Talking about lightning has become inevitable because of the severe weather resulting from global warming.

Last night I was watching a storm and later posted a few pics of lightning on Facebook. Almost immediately, I started thinking of the actual meaning of lightning in terms of spirituality since everything that occurs in the interior world occur in the exterior world.

What does lightening represent in the spiritual world?

More lightning is caused by severe weather or more storms resulting from global warming. Static is initiated by hot air that rises and collides with cold ice crystals. Lightning is created by a flow of electrons which may flow down to earth or to other clouds. The flow of spirit must be grounded in practical reality if we want to manifest something.

We are made in the image of God and lightning is His creation that flows through us although to a much less extent than storm lightning.

The relationship between water and emotions

There is usually a pathway for spirits to come more forcefully into our lives when different emotions collide. This is a crucial feature of creation or manifestation. Lightening and fire are symbols of spirit e.g. the burning bush and Moses and the Ark of the covenant.  In order to manifest creation and action, we should release bottled-up emotions which in turn will give rise to more personal power.

So I was wondering about the cold air that collides with ascending air and what actually happens. Static is produced when cold ice crystals collide with warm water droplets when this two connect. Later on, there is static build up and a flow of electrons is released as lightning, some of which hits the neutral ground. A negative electron is drawn to a positive electron and vice versa, although the lightning hits the ground when its closer.

Deliberate on this in spiritual terms – as above so below.

How spirit is = how the earth is = how we are

We can be regarded as direct replicas of spirits. God created women and man in their image.

Let’s revisit our story abought lightening. Emotions can be regarded as watery. Cold water crystals are like cold emotions such as depression while hot water droplets are like hot emotions e.g. anger since there is not enough energy obtainable for utilization.

There is usually not enough energy available for people with depression to do things. When an individual has a large pent-up reserve of obtainable energies of depression or anger, there is a huge potential difference that builds up just like lightning. This could happen with any opposing emotions e.g. when we are conflicted about something.

It is for fact opposites attract, and occasionally we meet individuals that are opposite to us in a way. A large potential differential is created by their energy when they come into our lives. These pent-up emotions are released by this difference out of our subconscious. At times, we feel a physical sensation when something unexpected and monumental occurs hence the saying “struck by lightning”.

Lightening and fire also exist in the realms of the spiritual world. For instance, in some literature, the Holy Spirit is represented by fire or lightening e.g. when the wings of Cherubim angles touched on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant, it created lightning. Also, the biblical story of Moses and the burning bush is a perfect example.

We should look to unlock our emotions when we want to get more personal power into our lives. When we express our emotions appropriately or when we allow a potential difference to emerge with another person and unlock our feelings, we create a pathway for the Holy Spirit to forcefully take control of us.

Despite all this, spirits can also wreak havoc. But, at times for one to be reborn, they must experience destruction. In order to experience being fully human, we must find a way to channel the spirit of lightning which gives rise to life-giving rains of emotions. These emotions will, therefore, allow us to take action and manifest creation in our lives.


  1. The metaphor of lightning representing the release of pent-up emotions is quite vivid. It opens up a new way to think about the relationship between our emotions and natural phenomena.

  2. It’s compelling how the author relates lightning to personal power and emotions. The concept of unlocking bottled-up emotions for personal growth is thought-provoking.

  3. While the spiritual interpretation of lightning and emotions is interesting, it’s essential to balance it with a rational understanding of meteorological principles.

  4. The article presents an intriguing analogy between lightning and emotions. It would be interesting to explore further how different cultures interpret these natural phenomena in spiritual terms.

  5. The connection between weather patterns and spiritual symbolism is a fascinating perspective. However, the scientific explanations seem a bit oversimplified and could benefit from more detailed analysis.


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